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Get accurate time data for your entire team, including notes and photos.

Give your team the tools they need to track time, add shift notes, and upload photos from the field. Everyone's time sheet data is stored securely for easy reference and reporting.

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See who's on the clock at-a-glance with easy time tracking software.

COL Time Tracking Location

Track your employees on the map, edit timesheets and more with the admin view.

One of the biggest hassles faced by construction firms is knowing who’s actually on the clock - and where they clocked in. ConstructionOnline Time Tracking makes it easy to get a bird’s-eye-view of your team in the field.

Once you’ve got timesheet data in the system, you can easily create reports, filtered by job or employee. You can also export your team’s hours to Excel for easy billing and payroll calculation.

COL Time Tracking Mobile

Easy mobile access makes tracking time a snap for your team.

Getting your guys in the field on board with technology can sometimes be a challenge. With our simple, intuitive mobile interface, your team will be tracking their hours, taking photos, and entering shift notes in no time.

If you want an extra level of timesheet detail, you can choose to require your employees to enter shift notes or choose a cost code to charge time to.

COL Time Tracking Export

Quickly create project and employee reports, and export time data to Excel. 

We’ve made it easy to get your team’s time data out of the system and into straightforward reports. Our reports give your the options to show the time charged to a specific job or employee. For more comprehensive reporting, you can export all of your jobs’ timesheets to Excel, filtered by the date range of your choosing.


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It saves phone calls from the field to the office personnel and makes everyone's day a little more hassle free. It's become an essential that we couldn't do without.


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