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Communication is key to making your business a success, and ConstructionOnline RFIs make communicating with your team a streamlined process.

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Easily Track the Status of Your RFIs

ConstructionOnline allows you to track the status of your requests at a glance. Unresolved RFIs are easy to follow. You are notified whenever a request is resolved or when one is overdue, meaning you stay on top of everything.

RFI Breakdown notes the total number of requests on a project, as well as those waiting, overdue, and resolved. Summaries are available with a few clicks, allowing you to sort project RFIs by their number, status, date, and more. Additionally, finding a specific request is simplified with the use of the search box. Search using your own key words to easily find a certain RFI.


Attach Files & Photos Directly to Your Requests

Project tasks will be completed correctly the first time around. ConstructionOnline gives you the ability to attach files and photos directly to your requests. Now your whole team will be able to clearly see what the questions are in reference to.

Simple inquiries will no longer be a source of confusion for your team. Files and photos attached to RFIs will eliminate uncertainties and lead to faster responses and solutions that are exactly what you need.

Faster responses will lead to fewer setbacks and help your projects continue moving in the right direction.


Send a Reply to RFIs by Email In an Instant

Projects can be overwhelming, but keeping track of project information has never been easier. With ConstructionOnline, you can use email with your RFIs to make sure everyone on the team stays in the loop.

Team members will be able to see the request and even send an answer directly from their own email. This will give them an easy and convenient way to provide you with an answer that is both quick and reliable. There are no worries about having to log their replies into your project page - ConstructionOnline will do all the work for you.


View Detailed RFI Summaries 

Construction projects will always yield questions. A quick and valid solution can be the difference in a project being completed on time or falling behind schedule.

ConstructionOnline RFIs are easy and convenient for your whole team to use. Tracking status and utilizing direct attachments means confusion and miscommunication are a thing of the past.

ConstructionOnline logs your RFIs from start to finish, giving you a clear trail to follow in the event of a discrepancy. And accessing that information at any point in the future is just a few clicks away.

Say goodbye to gray areas by creating Submittals in ConstructionOnline

Organize, view revisions, choose approvers and more with ConstructionOnline Submittals. Improve your communication with industry leading communication tools.

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Keep Everyone in the Loop and Improve Project Accuracy with ConstructionOnline Submittals


Easily Organize Submittals by Status to Find What You’re Looking For

Ensure Submittals don't fall through the cracks with the Response Status dashboard. By selecting one of the Response Status filters, you can easily navigate and view exactly which Submittals are pending, approved, rejected, in need of revision and more.

Quickly reference which Submittals have been responded to and what statuses have been assigned so you can keep the flow of information going.


Take Control by Selecting Sequential or Parallel Approvals 

When creating a submittal, you're given the option to choose your preferred Submittal workflow by choosing Sequential or Parallel Approvers.

Sequential approval requires each approver to respond in order for completion, while Parallel approval allows multiple responses simultaneously.



Never Miss Another Deadline with Automated Email Reminders

You'll get the information you need, when you need it with automated reminder emails for Submittal approvers. When a Submittal is approved, ConstructionOnline will send out an email based on your settings.

The Submittal Dashboard lists the date on which the Submittal notification was sent. Missed deadlines and project delays are now a thing of the past. 


View Submittal Revisions At a Glance

See a detailed history of project changes with intuitive Submittal Revisions.

ConstructionOnline Submittals give you a clear view of what needs to be done and what has already been accomplished by you and your team.

Easily create revisions from existing Submittals without the hassle of retyping information. You also have the option to right click and duplicate a Submittal. 

See exactly what was sent and when with ConstructionOnline Transmittals.

Keep your project documentation clear and concise so your projects stay on track. Quickly edit and send Transmittals from your desktop or mobile device.

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Click send and consider yourself covered with automated Transmittals


Transmit Project-Critical Docs in an Instant

Send critical documents to your project managers, owners, architects, and more. 

Always know what was sent and when, so you'll be covered in the future in case of legal disputes or questions of liability.

With ConstructionOnline, you have the ability to send Transmittals from the field or the office by using our powerful Mobile App. 


Send Automated Transmittal Emails to Your Contacts

Automatically send emails to your selected Transmittal recipients, including any attachments. ConstructionOnline Transmittals allow you to attach related project documents of any file type.

Any actions requested can be quickly referenced, right in the body in the email.

Transmittals emails are time stamped within ConstructionOnline so you can keep accurate records of what was sent.


Assign Due Dates and Receive Notifications for Absolute Accuracy

Stay ahead of the game and make sure any actions you've requested with your Transmittals occur in a timely manner when you set due dates.

Transmittals work seamlessly with the Contact Management feature in ConstructionOnline, so you can rest easy knowing that all your important documents are taken care of and everyone knows exactly what needs to be done. 


ConstructionOnline is an incredible product. I've used Submittal Exchange, Procore, and Viewpoint and it ranks high above these.

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