ConstructionOnline API

Integrate tools, automate workflows, and generate specialized reports and dashboards with the ConstructionOnline API.


The ConstructionOnline API allows you to completely leverage the valuable project data within your ConstructionOnline account. By harnessing the power of the ConstructionOnline API, you can improve data visibility, enhance productivity, and ensure scalability over time.

Benefits of the API Include:


Seamless software integrations.

Extend the functionality of ConstructionOnline’s native project management features by integrating with countless software tools and platforms. Integrations allow you to keep your company’s data connected with additional applications you may use to manage your business, such as specific accounting, communication, CRM, or payroll software tools.

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Custom reports, dashboards and more.

Extract data from your ConstructionOnline account to build customized reports and dashboards. Custom data representations can help your company solve specific financial and business challenges by discovering meaningful data insights.

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Powerful, flexible automation.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and avoid double data-entry by creating workflows that automate routine actions, such as automatically updating data between tools. Additionally, integrating with a dedicated automation software can streamline the process of onboarding new employees, automate emails and marketing campaigns, improve lead management, and more.

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The ConstructionOnline application programming interface (API) serves as the underlying framework for developing any custom applications or creating integrations between ConstructionOnline and other software tools such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Sage 50, Mailchimp, Power BI, and more. The ConstructionOnline API allows companies to expand the functionality of ConstructionOnline's native features and the valuable data housed within the system—getting the most value out of their construction project data.

Companies with Business or Enterprise subscriptions to ConstructionOnline are eligible for read & write access to the ConstructionOnline API. If you are interested in learning more about the ConstructionOnline API, check out the API Documentation or email the ConstructionOnline Development Team at

The ConstructionOnline API is for successful, growth-minded construction companies looking to fully take advantage of the valuable project data within their ConstructionOnline account. Using the API, companies can build custom applications, integrate with powerful software tools such as Zapier, HubSpot, or Salesforce, create custom reports & dashboards, and more.

Companies that choose to use the ConstructionOnline API usually have on-staff technical resources or hire a dedicated team of developers that are in charge of the implementation or build processes. For this reason, many of the resources found in the ConstructionOnline API Documentation are specifically tailored for developers, such as the reference docs for endpoints.

Companies with Business and Enterprise subscriptions to ConstructionOnline are eligible for read & write access to the ConstructionOnline API. API access is not automatically "turned on"; eligible companies must reach out to the ConstructionOnline development team and request access.

To request access to the API, please contact the ConstructionOnline development team at A member of our team will be in touch shortly after your request has been submitted.

Yes! If you are looking to integrate with a software tool that does not currently have a native integration with ConstructionOnline, the API can be used to implement an integration between your ConstructionOnline data and the software tool. ConstructionOnline currently integrates with the following platforms: Google DriveGoogle CalendarOneDriveOutlook CalendarDropboxboxQuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks DesktopPlanswift, and CAD imports. Any other software tools not listed must be integrated with ConstructionOnline using the API.

No, ConstructionOnline does not currently offer native integrations with other accounting software platforms. However, companies who are eligible for API access can use the ConstructionOnline API to integrate with other accounting software platforms such as Sage 50, NetSuite, and more. More information can be found in the Financials section of ConstructionOnline's API Documentation.

ConstructionOnline provides companies with over 150 custom-branded construction reports for financials, scheduling, time tracking, and more. However, if your company needs supplementary reports that are not currently offered by ConstructionOnline, you can use the ConstructionOnline API and a custom-reporting software such as Crystal Reports to create your own custom reports! Alternatively, data can be extracted using the ConstructionOnline API, which can then be used to manually build the report within a spreadsheet or document.

More information on the ConstructionOnline API can be found in the API DocumentationPlease note: API access is only available for companies with Business or Enterprise level subscriptions.

If you have any questions regarding the ConstructionOnline API, please contact the ConstructionOnline development team at Our team will review your questions and get back to you as soon as possible.

ConstructionOnline API Documentation

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