Communicating with your team is easier than ever with Envoy.

Collaboration can only happen with clear communication. New Envoy Chat gives your team the centralized tool it needs to ensure everyone is connected and working together to achieve success.

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 Keep field and office teams connected with new Envoy™ chat!


Company-wide Chat

See who's online and start chatting instantly. Easily send messages to your team members individually or as a group, and keep your communication clear.

Chats that are no longer active can be archived and accessed later for reference.  


Attach Files and Photos

Easily post files and photos into chats from your computer, phone, or cloud storage.

These attachments can be accessed from all of your devices, and provide more detailed communication for you and your team.  


Mobile App Integration

Get seamless communication with your team by utilizing Envoy in ConstructionOnline Mobile. 

Field team users can send and receive messages on the jobsite, while those in the office can relay any important information. With Envoy, you can avoid any potentials delays and miscommunication. 



Link to ConstructionOnline Features

Post direct links to your ConstructionOnline calendars, schedules, estimates and more, all within Envoy in ConstructionOnline.

Discuss specific project logs, variations, client selections and more. Simply link these features in your message so you and your team can stay in the know. 

Receive external emails
into your projects

Manage and store your project correspondence with ease. Designate approved senders who can send emails to dedicated ConstructionOnline project email addresses.

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Get ready for centralized communication.


Receive emails to dedicated project email addresses

Each of your jobs in ConstructionOnline will have its own dedicated email address, so you’ll be able to have organized, searchable, and filterable records of your project correspondence. Any email attachments will also be included, so frustrating searches for documentation are a thing of the past.


Control access by approving inbound senders and setting permissions for your employees

You can choose who on your team has inbound access by adjusting permissions and adding approved senders to your jobs. Each approved sender can have multiple associated emails, so nothing falls through the cracks.


Find the email you're looking for in a flash with easy Search and Filter options

Need to find a specific email or attachment, but you can’t quite remember when it came in? No problem, you can search your emails for keywords, or filter the list by sender, related contact or date received.

All of your project communication in one place for easy reference.

Take back your inbox with ConstructionOnline Messages. By limiting access to only your ConstructionOnline contacts, you spare yourself the grunt work of filtering through emails.

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A better way to communicate overall. 


Organize Conversations by Project 

Keeping all project discussions neat and organized will make your job easier. Good thing ConstructionOnline allows you to organize messages based on the project they are relevant to.

No more worries about keeping files in a drawer to sort through or reading page after page of emails to find one thread. ConstructionOnline will keep all discussions related to your individual projects in one convenient place. And because it is ConstructionOnline you can reference those messages from anywhere you need to. Messaging makes keeping track of conversations and project progress that much easier.


Quickly Search Your Messages to Find What You're Looking For

There is no doubt that you will need to find an old message or discussion at some point. ConstructionOnline makes searching for any conversation a breeze.

Maybe a question has come up and you need to track down a single message to find the answer. Maybe you need to reference the whole conversation. Whatever you need, the search bar makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Use your own keywords to search for a specific message or conversation, then choose from the list that is displayed. Messaging makes it easier than ever to track down a past conversation.


Attach Files and Photos to Messages for Added Detail

Sometimes questions arise that require extra attention to detail. Eliminate misunderstandings and miscommunications by attaching files and photos to your messages.

You and your team can preview, save and edit attachments with a click of the mouse. Files and Photos saved in ConstructionOnline can be organized and attached to your corresponding projects



Archive Messages for Easy Reference

Keep yourself covered by archiving conversations that are no longer active. 

Archived conversations are easily searchable and can be reactivated if the need arises. 

All of your project messages can be accessed from your mobile device using the ConstructionOnline Mobile app - the industry's leading project management app. 

An easier way for you to share important project info with your entire team.

Introducing the new project announcement feature in UDA ConstructionOnline. Send your team members critical announcements to keep them up to speed at all times.

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Fast, Intuitive and Easy-to-use Project Announcements


Quickly Communicate with Your Entire Team Using Project Announcements

Communication is a key part of project success. When your communication is lacking, oversights happen that can impact project performance and client satisfaction. 

Make sure your team is always up to speed with the brand new project announcement feature in ConstructionOnline. By adding announcements, your critical information can be shared on a company wide or project specific level.

The ConstructionOnline project communication features are just one of the many reasons why so many construction pros prefer ConstructionOnline for their construction project management needs.


Add links, Format Your Text and More

Customize your announcements by adding links or formatting them with custom lists, font sizes and other text styles, just like you would in an email.

ConstructionOnline project announcements give you the option to assign priority levels to your announcements. Communicate the priority by assigning the announcement a high, medium or low priority level.

Pin your announcements to the top of the announcement list for quick, easy viewing, so you can make sure your team is always aware of important project information.


Choose Announcement Recipients from Your Contact List

Send announcements to all of your contacts or select specific recipients to receive them.

Send out automated emails to your contacts regarding the announcement or simply post it to ConstructionOnline for all of your project and/or company contacts to see.

When you pair the new project announcement feature with ConstructionOnline messaging, you have unrivaled project communication tools that will take your team communication to an entirely new level.


See Announcements in the Latest Activity Feed

All recent announcements show up in the latest project activity feed. This way your team members can view the announcement directly in the project overview, which relays all of the latest happenings to your team.

Simply click the announcement in the feed and it will take you directly to the announcement tab in your ConstructionOnline account.


ConstructionOnline is an incredible product. I've used Submittal Exchange, Procore, and Viewpoint and it ranks high above these.

Colorado Structures

General Contractor


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