Track and analyze activity with Employee Scorecard.

Track company productivity with dynamic dashboards by measuring activity creation, modification, and completion rates. View activity by task types or by employee.

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Track, measure and document productivity and progress with dynamic dashboards.


See the types of tasks and items your team is creating and completing 

ScoreCard allows you to stay up to date with all of the latest tasks your team is creating, as well as the tasks that have been completed on time. 

Customise the ScoreCard view so you can focus on the features you need to pay attention to the most.


Filter, view activity rates and compare your current performance. 

Filter your team's activity rates by employee or task type to get an accurate breakdown of their overall performance. 

ScoreCard's comprehensive Dashboards allow you to compare your performance with the previous four weeks, so you can make sure you and your team are being as efficient as possible. 


Quickly see the number of pending and overdue tasks

See exactly what needs to be done so you can make sure your project stays on track and on schedule. View your pending and overdue tasks and see exactly who is associated with them.


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