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Redline™ Planroom

Planned Productivity.

Discover plan-centric project management with the revolutionary Redline Planroom. Upload plans, make notations and markups, and pin tasks directly to your sheets.

Give your projects clarity with markups, notes, photos and more.

Redline™ Planroom makes it easy to add markup, progress photos, notes and more, so everyone on the job knows what's changed and where work needs to happen. Cut down on confusion and increase productivity on the job site with intuitive drawing, text, and shape tools. Your team will automatically see the latest updates to the plan set, so nothing falls through to cracks.

Pin project tasks, variations, RFIs and more directly to your sheets.

Manage your jobs with maximum efficiency and clarity by pinning tasks, variations, RFIs, punch lists and more to your sheets. You can assign items to your team so they'll know exactly where on site they need to be and what needs to be completed. You can also review observations made in the field, so you'll stay up-to-date and in the loop.

Save hours of data entry with automated sheet scanning and hyperlinking.

When you upload your plans, our proprietary UDAi™ machine learning technology scans your plan set and automatically detects sheet numbers and names, so what used to take hours is done in minutes. Our system will also find any callouts and automatically link them to the correct detail of index sheets, so finding what you're looking for is a cinch.

The current set ensures your team is working from the latest revisions.

Working from outdated plans can turn into an expensive, time-consuming headache. When you upload revised plan sets to your jobs, Redline's automatic sheet versioning creates new revisions, labels them, and places them in the proper order in the current set view.


Show, Don't Tell.

Miscommunication is a thing of the past with the SmartShot™ Visual Reference report, generated directly from Redline Planroom. The report includes any pinned items and markup, so you can show team members exactly where work needs to happen, along with descriptions, due dates, cost impacts and more.

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Redline™ Takeoff

Numbers You Can Count On.

Say goodbye to the hassle and inconvenience of paper plans and clunky desktop software - Redline Takeoff gives you the power to get accurate measurements and the most up-to-date cost data.

Get accurate cloud-based takeoffs from your project plan sets.

Cut hours from your outdated takeoff process with easy-to-use tools in Redline Takeoff software. Quickly and accurately determine square footage, volumes, counts and more, so you can bid your jobs with confidence. Redline Takeoff is cloud-based, so you can access your plans anywhere, anytime.

Versatile measuring tools designed to handle takeoffs for any trade.

Redline Takeoff is designed to handle any kind of measurements you need to calculate in your takeoffs. Quickly determine floor and wall areas for finishes, count fixtures, measure roof valleys and hips, get concrete volumes for foundations and much more.

Assign material & labor costs directly to your takeoffs with dynamic cost books.

Getting accurate measurements is only one part of the takeoff process - you also need up-to-date cost data to ensure your estimates are truly on target. Redline Takeoff features powerful, customizable costbooks that automatically give you material and labor items that are compatible with the takeoff in progress.

Easily create professional reports and export your takeoffs to Excel.

Once you've created your takeoffs, you can create shareable PDF reports showing quantities, descriptions, units, related sheets and more. Redline Takeoff software also gives you the power to export your takeoffs to Microsoft Excel for easy job costing calculations.


Top-rated tools trusted by over 850,000 pros.

The ConstructionOnline platform leads the construction software industry in functionality, value, customer support and more. Innovative builders around the world say our tools to help them build better, faster and smarter.


Seamless Integration.

Only Redline Takeoff features full integration with the industry leader in construction costing, OnCost™ Estimating. You'll save hours in double-entry by sending your takeoff cost data directly to the estimate. Need to make a change on the takeoff side? No problem, OnCost is smartly designed to overwrite any existing costs so your estimates are always on the money.

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Redline™ Takeoff

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OnCost™ Estimating

From Plan Sets to Profits.

Create accurate, dynamic estimates directly from your plan sets with state-of-the-art Redline Takeoff and OnCost Estimating integration.

Ensure accurate quantities and costs with 2-way estimate / takeoff syncing.

You know that plans change, meaning item and labor quantities and costs need to be updated. OnCost Estimating gives you the power to update your estimate with a single click to import any revised quantities, costs, and measurements from Redline Takeoff for the most accurate numbers possible.

Jump to the right spot in your plans with direct takeoff links.

It used to take hours to search a manual plan set for the right takeoff measurements for the related estimate line item. OnCost Estimating solves this problem by providing direct links to the relevant sheet for easy reference and double-checks.

See detailed breakdowns of takeoff measurements right inside your estimates.

Get a detailed breakdown of all the takeoffs and the measurements they contain, directly in your OnCost Estimates. You can see the measurement types and dimensions, and jump straight to a measurement in Redline Takeoff if needed.

Track takeoff items your way with detailed or aggregate transfers.

Get the flexibility you need with item organization options. If your takeoff contains identical costbook items across different sheets, you can choose to send them to the estimate as separated line items or aggregate them together.


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