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Anytime Access to Project Files

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File Storage & Sharing

Secure Storage and Sharing.

ConstructionOnline cloud file management gives you and your team unlimited storage and access to project documents from anywhere.

Upload and store files and photos from anywhere, at anytime.

ConstructionOnline gives you and your team the flexibility to upload project files and photos from the office or field. Files and photos can be added from your desktop, mobile device, or integrated cloud storage apps like Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. Files can be uploaded directly to projects and folders, so you can easily organize them your way.

Control who has access to files and folders with detailed permissions.

You control who has the authority to view and download documents with detailed permissions. Permissions can be set per user, per project, or even at the folder level. You also control what gets shared with subs and clients, so no sensitive data is seen by anyone without the proper access level.

Share files with your team, clients, subs or anyone with an email address.

ConstructionOnline offers multiple ways to share files and photos. You can choose to send an email with a download link for a document, or simply copy and share the download link via your preferred messaging or chat app. Files and photos can also be shared with subs and clients through the TeamLink™ and ClientLink™ portals.

Edit documents and markup photos, all inside ConstructionOnline.

Need to adjust the text in a Word doc, or make a quick markup on a jobsite photo? No problem, you can edit text documents with our fully-featured text editor - right inside ConstructionOnline. Project photos can also be marked up, cropped, rotated and more with our built-in photo editor.


Cloud Connected.

ConstructionOnline connects to the cloud storage apps you already use, so it's easy to add the project files and photos you need to ConstructionOnline - no matter where they're stored.

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Image Galleries

See the Big Picture with Galleries.

Upload and organize your project photos in elegant image galleries, perfect for viewing onsite progress and sharing with clients.

See your project photos in a new light with professional image galleries.

ConstructionOnline gives you the ability to upload and store all of your project photos in easy-to-navigate albums. Powerful sort options allow you to organize photos by date, size, name, and more. Quickly share photos, download to your desktop, or add notation and markup - all within the galleries.

Show real-time onsite progress with ClientLink & TeamLink galleries.

Give clients and subs the latest view of jobsite progress with fully integrated galleries in ClientLink and TeamLink portals. Clients will gain satisfaction knowing that work is proceeding as planned, and subs will have access to the visual documentation they need to complete their tasks correctly.

Add notes, markups and more with full-featured photo editing.

Give your photos the additional context they need by adding text notes, arrows, markups and more with the powerful photo editor tool, built right into our image galleries.

Capture and upload photos from the filed for the ultimate in documentation.

Give clients and subs the latest view of jobsite progress with fully integrated galleries in ClientLink and TeamLink portals. Clients will gain satisfaction knowing that work is proceeding as planned, and subs will have access to the visual documentation they need to complete their tasks correctly.


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Over 950,000 pros trust ConstructionOnline to help run jobs more efficiently, get accurate financials, increase profits and reduce risks.

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Photostream™ Views

See the Visual History of Your Jobs.

See what's happening in the field in easy-to-understand timelines with the Photostream View, only in ConstructionOnline.

See your project photos displayed in dynamic, chronological timelines.

Stop searching through folders and albums to get a sense of what progress is being made onsite. With the revolutionary new Photostream View you can see exactly what happened and when - in a straightforward, chronological timeline.

Find the photos you need in a flash with date range and contact filters.

Save hours of tedious searching for a specific photo or set of photos that you need to reference or share. With easy-to-use date range and contact filters, you can quickly drill down to the date and uploader you're looking for.


Top-rated tools trusted by over 850,000 pros.

The ConstructionOnline platform leads the construction software industry in functionality, value, customer support and more. Innovative builders around the world say our tools to help them build better, faster and smarter.

See Every Angle.

ConstructionOnline image galleries feature full viewing support for 360° images, so you can get the full picture of what's really happening in every corner of your jobs.

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ConstructionOnline™ Drive

Desktop Power + Cloud Agility.

Harness the power of your desktop to enhance file management, document editing, scheduling and more with ConstructionOnline Drive for Windows.

Transfer multiple documents at once with large batch file uploads.

Large batches of files that would be sluggish or unworkable through the web browser alone are a breeze with the purpose-built ConstructionOnline Drive Uploader.

Get full desktop editing capabilities for Word docs, Excel Spreadsheets and more

Edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images and more in their native desktop apps - then replace the original file in ConstructionOnline or choose to create a new version.

Upload MS Project, Primavera, and Suretrak files to ConstructionOnline.

Save hours of tedious data entry by importing your Microsoft Project, Primavera and Suretrak schedule files to ConstructionOnline - they'll automatically be converted to OnPlan™ schedules and be ready to view and edit online.

Safely store project correspondence with easy drag-and-drop email transfers.

Drag and drop emails from Outlook and Thunderbird directly to ConstructionOnline Drive for easy reference and safe storage. Any Attachments are automatically included, saving you the hassle of uploading them separately.


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File & Photo Management

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