Track Performance with Project Scorecard.

The TrueVision Project Scorecard gives you and your team a holistic, company-wide view of your projects' performance. See which jobs are under- or over-performing, track budgets & profitability,  identify & mitigate risks and much more.

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Construction business intelligence software that will improve productivity and profitability.


See which jobs are ahead or behind with schedule progress tracking.

TrueVision schedule progress tracking gives you a high-level view of how your projects are performing against expected completion dates. See at-a-glance how many workdays ahead or behind each job is, and how scheduled durations compare with actuals. For added flexibility, you can choose to enter schedule dates manually or pull real-time values from OnPlan™ Schedules in ConstructionOnline.


Get a firm grasp on financial health with over / under budget views.

TrueVision Project Scorecard leverages the power of the industry's most comprehensive estimating solution - OnCost Estimating - to provide a straightforward and easy-to-scan-over view of your projects' financial health. Quickly see how budgets compare with actuals. Know which jobs are making you money - and which aren't. You'll be prepared to address current risks, and make better decisions for the future.


Predict headway (and headaches) with color-coded status indicators.

TrueVision Scorecard allows you to set custom thresholds for task completion, upcoming & overdue items, unresolved RFIs and much more. You and your team can address potential roadblocks before they lead to costly impacts in the future and also recognize where jobs are running smoothly and according to plan.


Gain even more visibility and intuition with advanced filter options.

Get more insight of your project data with powerful, customizable filter options. Track performance variation across regions, or drill down to specific key roles to understand how team members compare. Filters can also be combined for advanced reporting analyses and trend detection.


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ConstructionOnline is an incredible product. I've used Submittal Exchange, Procore, and Viewpoint and it ranks high above these.

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