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Designed to exceed desktop functionality, new ConstructionOnline Advanced Estimating has the comprehensive features and modern interface you've been looking for - taken to the next level with flexible templates, budget analysis, powerful online reporting, bi-directional  accounting, customization tools, and more.

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Take your construction estimating, job costing, and invoicing to the next level.


Get an extra level of cost detail with Advanced Construction Estimating

We’ve taken our current construction estimating software a step further, by adding an additional level of detail. You can now build estimates with three levels of data - Category, Subcategory and Item. Advanced Estimating also provides an intuitive interface that will feel comfortable to those used to Microsoft Excel.

ConstructionOnline Advanced Estimating also allows users to choose from predefined views for budgeting, estimating, job costing and invoicing, so you’ll always see the right data at the right time in the project life cycle.


Win more jobs and stay on target with professional proposals and dashboards

We know construction estimating software is useless unless it helps you make money. That’s why Advanced Estimating provides easy-to-use proposal and contract creation tools to win you more bids. Once you’ve got the job, our at-a-glance profitability dashboards ensure you stay on target and under budget.


Ensure you stay profitable with automatic markup and margin calculations. 

ConstructionOnline Advanced Estimating software gives you the power to choose how and where you want to apply markup. You can enter line item markup, either as a percentage or a flat rate. You can also enter Company Overhead and Margin values to make sure your jobs are keeping you in the black.


Get repeatable success with Estimate Templates

Once you’ve discovered what estimate structure works best for the jobs you want to pursue, you can standardize your construction estimating process for the future with estimate templates. By utilizing templates for new jobs, you’ll build success by increasing efficiency and avoiding errors in your workflow.


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