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Success Story: Moliar Group

At Moliar, we are committed to the highest standards of performance, quality, safety, and strictly adhering to timelines, which is why we swear by ConstructionOnline.

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"The absolute best construction management program paired with phenomenal customer service. The robustness of ConstructionOnline does not leave me wanting."

- Veritas Contracting Group

"ConstructionOnline has been incredibly helpful in keeping our owners and PMs updated on daily activities."

- Coastal Home Construction

"Incredible product. I've used Submittal Exchange, Procore, and Viewpoint previously, and this platform ranks high above these."

- Colorado Structures

"Great program that improves communication and efficiency. It allows a continuous flow of communication throughout the project."

- Hacket Construction Inc.


Success Story: Saturn Power

To get the right energy mix, we get our hands dirty (literally) and fully explore the immediate needs of our customers, clients, and partners, while paying close attention to overall sustainability, long-term interests, and future energy demands.

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"Love using this product for client, sub, and vendor communication with our staff. It is great to know that all items are up-to-date for all involved in the project."

- Mauck Construction & Rennovations

"This software will help you and your company look more professional, and help instill better confidence of a job well done with the customer."

- Bob Cornell Construction

"Great program that improves communication and efficiency. It allows a continuous flow of communication throughout the project."

- Hacket Construction Inc.


Success Story: Verve Electric

Verve Electric used three spreadsheets, each an independent silo of information, to manage clients, estimates, and invoices alongside a basic online calendar to share project information when away from the office. Finding a client, their associated projects and files, and then communicating detailed information from office to jobsite was difficult, time-consuming, and limited.

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"Keeps our customers up-to-date on the project and keeps our company organized with Variations and Allowance selections.

- Core Contracting, Inc.

"The operations are very simple to understand and use ... subcontractors' information can be centralized to make notifying/distributing information much easier."

- UIP General Contracting

"The speed of delivering field information to all the stakeholders is as near to real-time as one could desire."

- Consulting Engineering, Inc.

"Makes your company look like you are the next step ahead of the game ... it even allows you to do variations in half of the time the conventional way takes."

- Total Quality Construction

Model Remodel 3 - Cindy Apple Photography

Success Story: Model Remodel

With popularity soaring and the Seattle market heating up, Model Remodel needed to upgrade their sales process, analyze data from marketing efforts to determine where to funnel their budget, share accurate schedule projections with their clients, and improve field-to-office communication - Excel just wasn't cutting it.

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"Variations are sent and received at the click of a button, and the project logging feature keeps my finger on the pulse of every project."

- Peak Improvements Ltd.

"It's the top rated one for a reason ... there always seems to be a ton of products geared towards various needs ... What I love about UDA is that they meet all those needs in one product."

- RLM Holdings

"ConstructionOnline has allowed our project managers direct control over scheduling, which has had a huge and positive impact on the production department."

- Peak Improvements Ltd.

"Takes away a lot of the monotonous emailing I have to do, and helps keep everyone on board ... Clients really seem to love it and feel more connected."

- Anthony Slabaugh Remodeling & Design


Success Story: Gayler Design Build

Gayler Design Build is an unrivaled, award-winning design-build firm with 20 national and regional design awards. Utilizing UDA's ConstructionOnline software sets Gayler apart from the competition when it comes to customer service.

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"This product is great. I use it almost daily as a custom home builder, and it has definitely simplified a lot of the back-office processes that were done pre-ConstructionOnline."

- RLM Holdings

"One of the best investments we've made! Our communication process has become more streamlined ... It's become an essential tool that we can't do without."

- Integrity Custom Builders

"ConstructionOnline is something we now use with 100% of our clients. They absolutely love the product selections and change order functionality."

- Advent Home Solutions


Success Story: Helm Construction Solutions

I have personally been using UDA for the past seven years for estimating, scheduling, and project management software. We work as business consultants for dozens of general contractors throughout New England and beyond and often recommend UDA's software to them.

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"ConstructionOnline is a huge selling tool. I have won many jobs because of ConstructionOnline."

- Coastal Home Construction

"ConstructionOnline is a great tool for my company. I also think having it as a resource for our clients will give us an edge in the industry."

- Home Innovations

"I have a lot less stress than I did before using this program, as I was still doing all estimating and scheduling on paper. I have a lot less stress in my life this year!"

- Integrity Custom Builders

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