Use ConstructionOnline to boost your profits and streamline your estimates.

Discover the industry's most powerful yet easy-to-use Construction Estimating and Job Costing software. ConstructionOnline allows you to create comprehensive, customizable, and accurate construction estimates.

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Construction estimating & job costing software that will improve productivity and profitability.


Easily create and manage your construction estimates.

Discover the industry's most powerful yet easy-to-use Construction Estimating software, featuring Variations and Selections, advanced accounting integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, professional reports and proposals, and much more.

Easily track project costs, margins, and profits like never before, while keeping your team on the same page. This is exactly why more than 750,000 construction professionals worldwide choose UDA Technologies’ ConstructionOnline


Manage variations in half the time the conventional way takes.

In the fast-paced construction industry, the ability to control variations is important, and with ConstructionOnline Variation Software, you can easily create variations complete with detailed descriptions, added costs, additional time, and optional images and attachments.

Detailed Confirmation Emails in ConstructionOnline Variation Management are sent to all related parties including the contractor, clients, subcontractors, suppliers and anyone else that you add as a related resource to the specific variation.


Integrate client selections for clear communication.

Helping clients make selections and offering product upgrades are two of the main reasons that Client Selections in ConstructionOnline is such a critical part of your system of success.

With Client Selections in ConstructionOnline you can quickly create option sets and upgrades and then provide your clients with a simple web interface using Client Portals in ConstructionOnline


Quickly create proposals, contracts, export to Excel and more.

Win more jobs with professional-looking proposals and contracts, created directly from your ConstructionOnline Construction Estimates. You can also add a custom professional touch to your documents by adding your company logo.

Share your project estimates with anyone by exporting them to Microsoft Excel with a mouse click, and estimate with even greater detail with dynamic 5 Column Estimating. Assign costs for materials, labor, subcontractors, equipment, and more.

Upgrade from Excel to powerful
cloud-based Construction Estimating.

Designed to exceed desktop functionality, new ConstructionOnline Advanced Estimating has the comprehensive features and modern interface you've been looking for - taken to the next level with flexible templates, budget analysis, powerful online reporting, bi-directional  accounting, customization tools, and more.

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Take your construction estimating, job costing, and invoicing to the next level.


Get an extra level of cost detail with Advanced Construction Estimating

We’ve taken our current construction estimating software a step further, by adding an additional level of detail. You can now build estimates with three levels of data - Category, Subcategory and Item. Advanced Estimating also provides an intuitive interface that will feel comfortable to those used to Microsoft Excel.

ConstructionOnline Advanced Estimating also allows users to choose from predefined views for budgeting, estimating, job costing and invoicing, so you’ll always see the right data at the right time in the project life cycle.


Win more jobs and stay on target with professional proposals and dashboards

We know construction estimating software is useless unless it helps you make money. That’s why Advanced Estimating provides easy-to-use proposal and contract creation tools to win you more bids. Once you’ve got the job, our at-a-glance profitability dashboards ensure you stay on target and under budget.


Ensure you stay profitable with automatic markup and margin calculations. 

ConstructionOnline Advanced Estimating software gives you the power to choose how and where you want to apply markup. You can enter line item markup, either as a percentage or a flat rate. You can also enter Company Overhead and Margin values to make sure your jobs are keeping you in the black.


Get repeatable success with Estimate Templates

Once you’ve discovered what estimate structure works best for the jobs you want to pursue, you can standardize your construction estimating process for the future with estimate templates. By utilizing templates for new jobs, you’ll build success by increasing efficiency and avoiding errors in your workflow.


Fast, reliable variations complete with detailed descriptions, costs and more.

In the fast-paced construction industry, the ability to control variations is important. Manage Variations within ConstructionOnline and ensure absolute clarity.

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Create and manage your project variations for clearer communication.


Don't get blindsided by added costs and delays due to variations.

Variations are an unavoidable reality of construction, but they don't have to hurt your bottom line. With detailed, documented variations in ConstructionOnline, you can mitigate any potential disputes in the future - and save yourself a lot of legal hassle. 

Clients can view and approve variations online, and will be made aware of any added costs or time to the project - you can even get their signatures via the client portal for added documentation.


Stay on track and get it on the record with easy client review and approval.

A major benefit of our construction management software with variation tracking is the ability to give your clients a clear, straightforward interface they can use to review and approve any adjustments to the job.

Clients can log into the ClientLink portal and see what's new, what's still pending, and what's been approved. They'll also see a running total of any added costs or delays, keeping them updated on the overall job progress.


Cut through the clutter with straightforward summary views.

The dynamic and complex nature of construction jobs can make tracking your variations a major challenge. Our clear, easy-to-read summary view will give you a high-level overview of added costs and extra time required, paid vs. remaining values, and any pending or rejected variations.


You're always up-to-date with automatic confirmation emails.

Put the power of variation software to work for you with automatic confirmation emails. Contractors, subs, suppliers, clients, and anyone else you assign to your variations will receive updates for creation, rejection and approval - so everyone stays on the same page.

This level of automated communication is another guarantee that there will be no surprises, delays, or miscommunications throughout the process.

Automate Client Selections to improve communication and finish projects faster.

With Client Selections in ConstructionOnline you can quickly create option sets and provide your clients with a simple web interface to make their desired selections.

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View, edit and approve selections that will satisfy your clients and improve team communication.


Give Your Clients Options by Quickly Creating Organized Selection Sets

Everyone likes choices, especially when building a new home or project. Client Selections in ConstructionOnline offers you the ability to build a comprehensive set of categories, subcategories and options that clients can select from.

Now we've made it even easier to add selections to your projects with the selection QuickPick add-on. With the QuickPick add-on, you can easily add selection details directly from vendor websites, such as: images, descriptions, price, quantities and more.


Send Out Automated Reminders and Stay Notified of Client Decisions

Communication is key. Nowhere is that more true than in construction projects. Client Selections in ConstructionOnline features powerful, automated reminder emails sent to clients as the due date for a set of options approaches maturity.

Why is this important? Simply put, any delays you can eliminate, especially catastrophic delays for key or special-order materials is just another landmine you can easily avoid by letting technology work for you. That's ConstructionOnline, technology at work - making clients happier 24 hours a day. Now if we could only get it to handle Variations, oh right, it does that too.


Quickly View Selection Summaries for Added Detail

We all want to know where we stand, especially when money is involved. With Client Selections in ConstructionOnline, your clients can quickly review a summary of all of their option selections and any overages or credits based on the exact set of options they have selected to date.

For those of you that have not been down the "Oh, I had no idea we were that far over budget" path, Summary Views of Client Selections are another key element in clear client communications that make a real difference in successful projects.


Automated Confirmation Emails and Texts Keep Everyone On the Same Page

Teamwork is key, and any time you can get everyone on the same page, good things happen. When a client makes a decision, everyone that you have designated is immediately notified, including suppliers, subcontractors, and more.

That means that your suppliers or project manager can know instantly when a client selects a special floor tile or unique plumbing fixture that needs to be reserved or ordered quickly. More benefits, more teamwork. That's the reason over 750,000 construction professionals use ConstructionOnline to manage their projects and build a better business.

Integrate your accounting tools to manage your construction financials in one place.

Eliminate hours of redundant data entry. ConstructionOnline allows you to integrate with your QuickBooks account to seamlessly import and export project financial data.

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The Fastest, Most Reliable QuickBooks Integration for Your Construction Financials


A Simple 3 Step Integration Process

ConstructionOnline™ accounting tools give integration a whole new meaning. 

By using ConstructionOnline's powerful accounting integration tool, you can connect your QuickBooks account in three easy steps.

By logging into your ConstructionOnline and QuickBooks Online accounts, you can sync all of your pertinent financial data. This enables you to eliminate double data entry and speed up your financial processes. 


Easily Create or Import Your Project Financial Data

Stop entering data into QuickBooks over and over again. Use ConstructionOnline to create estimates, variations, invoices and more.

Simply click a button and watch as ConstructionOnline syncs with your QuickBooks account and imports/exports your project financial data - all within a matter of seconds.

Not only is it fast, it's also designed with construction pros like you in mind. We've created simple yet intuitive Dashboards to help you see all of your project information in one location.


Select Desired Calculation Methods and Eliminate Double Data-entry

Integrating your ConstructionOnline account with your QuickBooks Online© account creates a live connection between the two, eliminating redundant data entry and improving accuracy and efficiency.

With our advanced integration, you have the tools you need to manage your project estimates in real-time. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on what's important.


We're Partnered with Amazon Web Services to Help You Securely Store Your Financial Data 

ConstructionOnline is partnered with Amazon Web Services, so you can manage and access all of your project data securely. AWS supports virtually any workload for over a million active customers in 190 Countries.

Security scales with the AWS cloud, no matter the size of your business. The AWS infrastructure is designed to keep your data safe at all times with storage that provides built-in encryption.

Upgrade from Excel to powerful
cloud-based Construction Estimating.

Get instant access to the cost data you need with centralized, customizable costbooks designed for construction pros.

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A powerful, yet easy-to-use system to store, track & manage construction costs


Create estimates in minutes, not hours with intuitive costbook item entry.

Building estimates by hand can be a tedious, time-consuming process. With easy inline item entry, ConstructionOnline gives you the power to create comprehensive construction estimates in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Finding the right item is simple - just start typing and a filtered list of items from you costbooks will appear, along with related costs and classifications.


Centralize you company's costs to ensure the most accurate estimates possible.

Gettings the most up-to-date cost data into your estimates is key. That's why ConstructionOnline provides a centralized location to manage all of your company's costbooks. You can quickly see when each costbook was created, and who created it. You also have the option to archive costbooks, so outdated costs are not inadvertently inserted into estimates.


Build your costbooks your way with fully customizable folder structures.

Every construction firm likes to manage costs their own way, and ConstructionOnline gives you the power to do just that. With fully customizable costbooks featuring multiple grouping levels, you can organize your data in whatever way works best for you and your team.


Get cost data into the system quickly with pre-formatted Excel templates.

Have pre-existing cost data in Excel, or just prefer to build your costbooks that way? No problem. Simply download one of our pre-formatted Excel templates, insert your costs and re-upload to ConstuctionOnline!

Estimate Costs Stay Linked To Your Database For Maximum Accuracy:


Easily create invoices from estimate line items and variations.

Get paid of time by creating detailed invoices from your estimates and variations. Bill for a percentage of the total or any custom value you wish per line item. Send your invoices to QuickBooks for even more accurate financials.

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Create client invoices & record incoming payments.


Create detailed invoices directly from your project estimates & variations

Ensure you're getting paid in full for you labor and materials with easy-to-create invoices. You can choose to bill for the full amount of all line items, or for any percentage or custom amount. Get control over how your clients see margin and overhead by choosing to prorate it throughout the invoice or showing it as separate line items.


Send professional invoices to your clients by email

Create professional, branded invoices to send to your clients. You can review and edit your invoices prior to sending, and customize the email message as well. ConstructionOnline also records the date each invoice was sent, so there's no more second guessing about when a client was billed.


Record payments to ensure you always know what you're owed.

With easy payment recording, you'll always know the outstanding balance due on your invoices. You can choose to bill the full amount of an invoice, or accept progress payments over time.


Get the most accurate financials possible with 2-way QuickBooks integration

ConstructionOnline leads the industry with our comprehensive QuickBooks integration, and our invoicing takes advantage of that foundation. Invoices can automatically sync with QuickBooks, so you can track your bills and payments with the highest degree of accuracy.


ConstructionOnline is an incredible product. I've used Submittal Exchange, Procore, and Viewpoint and it ranks high above these.

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