Punch Lists Perfected

Close out your jobs and claim your final payments.

Won and done.

To stay in business, you have to get paid. If your cash inflow is delayed – or worse, withheld completely – it can lead to drastic delays on other projects while you wait for the funds to proceed. With ConstructionOnline Punch Lists, you have the perfect tool to close out your jobs and claim your final payments, all while creating a client that will serve as a lifetime reference.


Assign Resources

Ensure every item on your Punch List is completed to your satisfaction by assigning Resources. You'll have a complete picture of what's been done and what hasn't with email notifications of any actions taken by your project team.


Create Item Issues

Sometimes you need an extra layer of detail in your Punch Lists. You can accomplish this by creating Issues. Any item with Issues assigned cannot be completed until those Issues have been resolved, giving you more control than ever over your quality control.


Attach Files & Photos

Ensure your Punch Lists are completed the right way the first time by adding documentation to your items. Your project team can preview and download attachments, directly from the relevant Punchlist Items.


Print & Share Punch Lists

Choose how you want to distribute your Punch Lists to your team - via mobile device, email, desktop, or old-fashioned printout, we've got something for everybody.

“ConstructionOnline has all the tools needed to run a construction team successfully.”

— Marous Brothers Construction