Estimating + Job Costing

Create fast, accurate estimates and track your financial progress from start to finish.

Break ground, not the bank.

ConstructionOnline Estimating & Job Costing gives you the tools you need to create fast, accurate estimates and track your financial progress from start to finish.


Dynamic Estimating

Discover the industry's most powerful yet easy-to-use Estimating tool, featuring Variations and Selections, advanced accounting integration with Reckon and Xero, professional reports and proposals, and much more. Track costs, margins, and profits like never before.


Variation Management

In the fast-paced construction industry, the ability to control change orders is important, and with ConstructionOnline Variation Management, you can easily create variations complete with detailed descriptions, added costs, additional time, and optional images and attachments.


Client Selections

In a business where time is money, the ability to help clients select options in a timely basis is important, and with Client Selections in ConstructionOnline you can quickly create option sets and provide your clients with a simple web interface to make those selections.


Proposals & Contracts

Win more jobs with professional-looking proposals and contracts, created directly from your ConstructionOnline Estimates. You can also add a custom touch to your documents by adding your company logo.


Export to Excel

Share your Estimates with anyone by exporting them to Microsoft Excel with a mouse click.


5 Column Estimating

Estimate with even greater detail with 5 Column Estimating. Assign costs for materials, labor, subcontractors, equipment, and more.

“ConstructionOnline allows our team to seamlessly handle multiple projects at one time.”

— Fox Bros Construction