Contact Management

Organize your employees, clients, and team members.

Pull the strings, earn your wings.

ConstructionOnline’s contact management system organizes your employees, clients, and team members to quickly open channels of communication. With the ability to set permissions at a project and feature level, you can be sure that everyone sees exactly what they need to see, and only what they need to see.


Set Contact Permissions

Take complete control of your projects by setting permissions for your users. You can control what your team can see and do in your projects, including file access, punch list, items, budgets, schedules, and more.


Filter Contacts by Role

You can choose to view your full list of ConstructionOnline contacts, or quickly filter by role, including employees, clients, subs, suppliers, and more.


Send Custom GamePlans

Control the chaos of construction by sending your team custom GamePlans. Include critical project tasks, including To Dos, Punch Lists, Schedules, Calendar Events, and RFIs to ensure your projects proceed as smoothly as possible.


Reply Via Email

Keep everyone in the loop with easy RFI replies via email. Team members can view details and attachments in their email client and reply with the click of a button - no logins required.

“Easy to use, intuitive and seamless. We absolutely love it.”

— RAW Creative