Give your clients access to all of their project information.

Give your clients confidence.

ConstructionOnline Client Portals provide clients round-the-clock access to all of their project information. With instant notifications and online approvals, change orders and selections have never been easier. Work smarter, not harder.


Easy Client Messaging

Keep the conversation going with your clients with easy-to-use, spam-free messaging. No more lost emails - clients get a focused inbox of project related conversations.


Client Calendars

Your clients will always be aware of upcoming project activity and due dates. You can choose to show only milestones and delays if you wish.


Online Change Order Approval

Save time and money by eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings to discuss Change Orders - clients can review and approve online at their convenience. Project changes are automatically and thoroughly documented - no more "he said, she said."


Clients Add & Approve Selections

Keep your projects moving forward by making your clients aware of Selections deadlines and giving them the power to review options online. Clients are not restricted to only viewing selections - they can also add options they like best in the ClientLink interface.

“Game changing platform... I like the professionalism and appeal of ClientLink”

— Colorado Structures