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Quickly prioritize your leads and always be closing.

Harness the powerful lead tracking tool in ConstructionOnline featuring pipeline stages, project calendars, call logging and so much more.

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Create, track and prioritize your leads so you'll always be closing.


Quickly See Progress with the Lead Pipeline

Get a clear picture of your sales workflow with the Lead Pipeline in ConstructionOnline.

Filter your leads by Stage, Status, Source, Sales Representative, and more to quickly see the actual dollar values associated with each.

The lead dashboard is designed with construction pros like you in mind. By utilizing an intuitive layout, the lead tracking tool is straightforward and easy to use.


Keep On Track with the Lead Calendar

Always know what's coming with the Lead Calendar. Schedule callbacks and meetings and record when quotes were sent.

Attach files and docs to events, and easily schedule reminders for critical upcoming tasks.

Automated email reminders can be sent so you never forget important information regarding your leads in your construction calendar.


Track Your Lead Communication with Call Logs

Keep a running log of your calls with the powerful ConstructionOnline Call Logging feature.

You can record duration, notes, attached files, and more to give yourself a comprehensive history of your lead communication.

The call logging feature lets you view all of your recent logs or filter them by contact. These innovative logs are designed to streamline your communication so you can make sure your project is running as efficiently as possible. 


Customize Your Lead Filters to Fit Your Needs

The lead tracking feature includes effective customization options, so you can adjust the way your leads are displayed within ConstructionOnline.

Organize your leads the way you want by rearranging the order, changing icons, colors, lead category names and much more.

Easily share your lead information with anyone by exporting as a Microsoft Excel file directly to your desktop.

Give your clients access to what they want to know, when they want it.

Construction projects can change on a daily basis. Keep your projects on schedule and on budget by communicating with your clients using ConstructionOnline™

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Keep Clients in the Loop


The Fastest and Most Reliable Way to Communicate with Clients 

Your clients need to be aware of project progress, especially when those changes can affect the final outcome.

ConstructionOnline allows you to create a login page especially for your clients. With ClientLink you can easily make sure your clients are aware of new developments.

Keeping your projects on track and your clients updated has never been easier. Design their client page to give them all the information you know they need and the ability to view the progress of the project in their own time, at their own pace.


Take Client Communication to the Next Level

ClientLink is all about communication and customization. ConstructionOnline provides you with the unique ability to make sure your clients stay up to date on the way the project is moving. You decide what information clients see on their client page.

You can choose from a variety of options for each one of your clients to make sure you create a page that benefits both of you. With ClientLink they only see exactly what you want them to.


Powerful Variations - No More 'He Said, She Said'

ConstructionOnline has already made the Variation process easy to use. Now with ClientLink getting your clients' input on Variations is just as easy. Eliminate the need to sit down with your client face to face.

Clients can give you their input via ConstructionOnline and view, approve, or reject the Variations you create. No more discrepancies or confusion over decisions that were made. With ConstructionOnline clients will see exactly what they have approved and rejected. Changes are easily and thoroughly documented so that clients will be able to see where the project is going.


Give Clients Options with Easy-to-Use Selections

Clients' design decisions have already been streamlined through ConstructionOnline with the use of Client Selections. Now ClientLink takes the process one step further. By allowing clients to see their Client Selections when they log in, they are aware of the choices they need to make to continue the project.

Clients will not be restricted to only viewing the selections - they can go ahead and choose which options they like the best in their own time to meet the deadline you assign. Meanwhile, you will be free to work on other areas of the project to keep things moving in the right direction.

Find exactly what you need, when you need it with ConstructionOnline Call Logging

Maintain records of accurate contact communication by using Call Logging in ConstructionOnline. Create, filter and edit logs from your desktop or mobile device.

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Put away the pen and paper. Quickly document your calls with ConstructionOnline.


Keep Detailed and Accurate Communication Records.

Keeping accurate records of contact communication is an essential part of having information that can be tracked right back to the source. 

ConstructionOnline Call Logging allows you to document conversations, emails, text messages, or other communication that occurs outside of ConstructionOnline.

Now you can make sure all your information is there when you need it. 


Filter Your Call Logs So You Can Find What You Need

Stop looking for those stray post it notes scattered around your desk. With ConstructionOnline Call Logging, you can eliminate the stress of trying to scramble and find out who said what. 

Call log filters narrow down your search as much as possible so you can get right back to the source.

Contacts, Projects and Creators can be used in conjunction with one another so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it.


Attach Files and Photos to Your Call Logs for Added Detail 

Call Logging gives you the option of attaching Files and Photos, so you can add an extra layer of detail to your logs.

Whether you want to attach a file from your Google Drive or photo from your ConstructionOnline Image Gallery, you have all the tools you need to make your logs as detailed as you want.

Project Files and Contacts in ConstructionOnline work seamlessly with one another, making the process of Call Logging as quick as possible.


Log Your Calls from Anywhere by Using the UDA Mobile Apps

UDA Technologies has a wide variety of applications available for your project management needs. These apps have been designed to work smoothly with ConstructionOnline, so you can see your changes take place in real-time. 

ConstructionOnline Mobile syncs with the contacts on your phone, so you can log calls directly from your device. OnSite Dialog is also available in the app store as an alternative layout.

Use ConstructionOnline to boost your profits and streamline your estimates.

Discover the industry's most powerful yet easy-to-use Construction Estimating and Job Costing software. ConstructionOnline allows you to create comprehensive, customizable, and accurate construction estimates.

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Construction estimating & job costing software that will improve productivity and profitability.


Easily create and manage your construction estimates.

Discover the industry's most powerful yet easy-to-use Construction Estimating software, featuring Variations and Selections, advanced accounting integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, professional reports and proposals, and much more.

Easily track project costs, margins, and profits like never before, while keeping your team on the same page. This is exactly why more than 750,000 construction professionals worldwide choose UDA Technologies’ ConstructionOnline


Manage variations in half the time the conventional way takes.

In the fast-paced construction industry, the ability to control variations is important, and with ConstructionOnline Variation Software, you can easily create variations complete with detailed descriptions, added costs, additional time, and optional images and attachments.

Detailed Confirmation Emails in ConstructionOnline Variation Management are sent to all related parties including the contractor, clients, subcontractors, suppliers and anyone else that you add as a related resource to the specific variation.


Integrate client selections for clear communication.

Helping clients make selections and offering product upgrades are two of the main reasons that Client Selections in ConstructionOnline is such a critical part of your system of success.

With Client Selections in ConstructionOnline you can quickly create option sets and upgrades and then provide your clients with a simple web interface using Client Portals in ConstructionOnline


Quickly create proposals, contracts, export to Excel and more.

Win more jobs with professional-looking proposals and contracts, created directly from your ConstructionOnline Construction Estimates. You can also add a custom professional touch to your documents by adding your company logo.

Share your project estimates with anyone by exporting them to Microsoft Excel with a mouse click, and estimate with even greater detail with dynamic 5 Column Estimating. Assign costs for materials, labor, subcontractors, equipment, and more.

Upgrade from Excel to powerful
cloud-based Construction Estimating.

Designed to exceed desktop functionality, new ConstructionOnline Advanced Estimating has the comprehensive features and modern interface you've been looking for - taken to the next level with flexible templates, budget analysis, powerful online reporting, bi-directional  accounting, customization tools, and more.

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Take your construction estimating, job costing, and invoicing to the next level.


Get an extra level of cost detail with Advanced Construction Estimating

We’ve taken our current construction estimating software a step further, by adding an additional level of detail. You can now build estimates with three levels of data - Category, Subcategory and Item. Advanced Estimating also provides an intuitive interface that will feel comfortable to those used to Microsoft Excel.

ConstructionOnline Advanced Estimating also allows users to choose from predefined views for budgeting, estimating, job costing and invoicing, so you’ll always see the right data at the right time in the project life cycle.


Win more jobs and stay on target with professional proposals and dashboards

We know construction estimating software is useless unless it helps you make money. That’s why Advanced Estimating provides easy-to-use proposal and contract creation tools to win you more bids. Once you’ve got the job, our at-a-glance profitability dashboards ensure you stay on target and under budget.


Ensure you stay profitable with automatic markup and margin calculations. 

ConstructionOnline Advanced Estimating software gives you the power to choose how and where you want to apply markup. You can enter line item markup, either as a percentage or a flat rate. You can also enter Company Overhead and Margin values to make sure your jobs are keeping you in the black.


Get repeatable success with Estimate Templates

Once you’ve discovered what estimate structure works best for the jobs you want to pursue, you can standardize your construction estimating process for the future with estimate templates. By utilizing templates for new jobs, you’ll build success by increasing efficiency and avoiding errors in your workflow.


Fast, reliable variations complete with detailed descriptions, costs and more.

In the fast-paced construction industry, the ability to control variations is important. Manage Variations within ConstructionOnline and ensure absolute clarity.

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Create and manage your project variations for clearer communication.


Don't get blindsided by added costs and delays due to variations.

Variations are an unavoidable reality of construction, but they don't have to hurt your bottom line. With detailed, documented variations in ConstructionOnline, you can mitigate any potential disputes in the future - and save yourself a lot of legal hassle. 

Clients can view and approve variations online, and will be made aware of any added costs or time to the project - you can even get their signatures via the client portal for added documentation.


Stay on track and get it on the record with easy client review and approval.

A major benefit of our construction management software with variation tracking is the ability to give your clients a clear, straightforward interface they can use to review and approve any adjustments to the job.

Clients can log into the ClientLink portal and see what's new, what's still pending, and what's been approved. They'll also see a running total of any added costs or delays, keeping them updated on the overall job progress.


Cut through the clutter with straightforward summary views.

The dynamic and complex nature of construction jobs can make tracking your variations a major challenge. Our clear, easy-to-read summary view will give you a high-level overview of added costs and extra time required, paid vs. remaining values, and any pending or rejected variations.


You're always up-to-date with automatic confirmation emails.

Put the power of variation software to work for you with automatic confirmation emails. Contractors, subs, suppliers, clients, and anyone else you assign to your variations will receive updates for creation, rejection and approval - so everyone stays on the same page.

This level of automated communication is another guarantee that there will be no surprises, delays, or miscommunications throughout the process.

Automate Client Selections to improve communication and finish projects faster.

With Client Selections in ConstructionOnline you can quickly create option sets and provide your clients with a simple web interface to make their desired selections.

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View, edit and approve selections that will satisfy your clients and improve team communication.


Give Your Clients Options by Quickly Creating Organized Selection Sets

Everyone likes choices, especially when building a new home or project. Client Selections in ConstructionOnline offers you the ability to build a comprehensive set of categories, subcategories and options that clients can select from.

Now we've made it even easier to add selections to your projects with the selection QuickPick add-on. With the QuickPick add-on, you can easily add selection details directly from vendor websites, such as: images, descriptions, price, quantities and more.


Send Out Automated Reminders and Stay Notified of Client Decisions

Communication is key. Nowhere is that more true than in construction projects. Client Selections in ConstructionOnline features powerful, automated reminder emails sent to clients as the due date for a set of options approaches maturity.

Why is this important? Simply put, any delays you can eliminate, especially catastrophic delays for key or special-order materials is just another landmine you can easily avoid by letting technology work for you. That's ConstructionOnline, technology at work - making clients happier 24 hours a day. Now if we could only get it to handle Variations, oh right, it does that too.


Quickly View Selection Summaries for Added Detail

We all want to know where we stand, especially when money is involved. With Client Selections in ConstructionOnline, your clients can quickly review a summary of all of their option selections and any overages or credits based on the exact set of options they have selected to date.

For those of you that have not been down the "Oh, I had no idea we were that far over budget" path, Summary Views of Client Selections are another key element in clear client communications that make a real difference in successful projects.


Automated Confirmation Emails and Texts Keep Everyone On the Same Page

Teamwork is key, and any time you can get everyone on the same page, good things happen. When a client makes a decision, everyone that you have designated is immediately notified, including suppliers, subcontractors, and more.

That means that your suppliers or project manager can know instantly when a client selects a special floor tile or unique plumbing fixture that needs to be reserved or ordered quickly. More benefits, more teamwork. That's the reason over 750,000 construction professionals use ConstructionOnline to manage their projects and build a better business.

Integrate your accounting tools to manage your construction financials in one place.

Eliminate hours of redundant data entry. ConstructionOnline allows you to integrate with your QuickBooks account to seamlessly import and export project financial data.

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The Fastest, Most Reliable QuickBooks Integration for Your Construction Financials


A Simple 3 Step Integration Process

ConstructionOnline™ accounting tools give integration a whole new meaning. 

By using ConstructionOnline's powerful accounting integration tool, you can connect your QuickBooks account in three easy steps.

By logging into your ConstructionOnline and QuickBooks Online accounts, you can sync all of your pertinent financial data. This enables you to eliminate double data entry and speed up your financial processes. 


Easily Create or Import Your Project Financial Data

Stop entering data into QuickBooks over and over again. Use ConstructionOnline to create estimates, variations, invoices and more.

Simply click a button and watch as ConstructionOnline syncs with your QuickBooks account and imports/exports your project financial data - all within a matter of seconds.

Not only is it fast, it's also designed with construction pros like you in mind. We've created simple yet intuitive Dashboards to help you see all of your project information in one location.


Select Desired Calculation Methods and Eliminate Double Data-entry

Integrating your ConstructionOnline account with your QuickBooks Online© account creates a live connection between the two, eliminating redundant data entry and improving accuracy and efficiency.

With our advanced integration, you have the tools you need to manage your project estimates in real-time. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on what's important.


We're Partnered with Amazon Web Services to Help You Securely Store Your Financial Data 

ConstructionOnline is partnered with Amazon Web Services, so you can manage and access all of your project data securely. AWS supports virtually any workload for over a million active customers in 190 Countries.

Security scales with the AWS cloud, no matter the size of your business. The AWS infrastructure is designed to keep your data safe at all times with storage that provides built-in encryption.

Upgrade from Excel to powerful
cloud-based Construction Estimating.

Get instant access to the cost data you need with centralized, customizable costbooks designed for construction pros.

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A powerful, yet easy-to-use system to store, track & manage construction costs


Create estimates in minutes, not hours with intuitive costbook item entry.

Building estimates by hand can be a tedious, time-consuming process. With easy inline item entry, ConstructionOnline gives you the power to create comprehensive construction estimates in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Finding the right item is simple - just start typing and a filtered list of items from you costbooks will appear, along with related costs and classifications.


Centralize you company's costs to ensure the most accurate estimates possible.

Gettings the most up-to-date cost data into your estimates is key. That's why ConstructionOnline provides a centralized location to manage all of your company's costbooks. You can quickly see when each costbook was created, and who created it. You also have the option to archive costbooks, so outdated costs are not inadvertently inserted into estimates.


Build your costbooks your way with fully customizable folder structures.

Every construction firm likes to manage costs their own way, and ConstructionOnline gives you the power to do just that. With fully customizable costbooks featuring multiple grouping levels, you can organize your data in whatever way works best for you and your team.


Get cost data into the system quickly with pre-formatted Excel templates.

Have pre-existing cost data in Excel, or just prefer to build your costbooks that way? No problem. Simply download one of our pre-formatted Excel templates, insert your costs and re-upload to ConstuctionOnline!

Estimate Costs Stay Linked To Your Database For Maximum Accuracy:


Easily create invoices from estimate line items and variations.

Get paid of time by creating detailed invoices from your estimates and variations. Bill for a percentage of the total or any custom value you wish per line item. Send your invoices to QuickBooks for even more accurate financials.

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Create client invoices & record incoming payments.


Create detailed invoices directly from your project estimates & variations

Ensure you're getting paid in full for you labor and materials with easy-to-create invoices. You can choose to bill for the full amount of all line items, or for any percentage or custom amount. Get control over how your clients see margin and overhead by choosing to prorate it throughout the invoice or showing it as separate line items.


Send professional invoices to your clients by email

Create professional, branded invoices to send to your clients. You can review and edit your invoices prior to sending, and customize the email message as well. ConstructionOnline also records the date each invoice was sent, so there's no more second guessing about when a client was billed.


Record payments to ensure you always know what you're owed.

With easy payment recording, you'll always know the outstanding balance due on your invoices. You can choose to bill the full amount of an invoice, or accept progress payments over time.


Get the most accurate financials possible with 2-way QuickBooks integration

ConstructionOnline leads the industry with our comprehensive QuickBooks integration, and our invoicing takes advantage of that foundation. Invoices can automatically sync with QuickBooks, so you can track your bills and payments with the highest degree of accuracy.

Blaze through your projects with the world's fastest online scheduling.

ConstructionOnline Scheduling brings the power and simplicity of advanced critical-path project scheduling tools to the web, allowing seamless access and updates from the field or job site.

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The world's fastest online construction scheduling.


Powerful Scheduling Tools Designed for Construction

Let's face it, your time is valuable and delays and sluggish performance from your project management software are aggravating or even deal-breaking for everyone on your project team. With other online scheduling tools you have to sacrifice speed and performance, but not with ConstructionOnline Scheduling.

Performance is paramount and ConstructionOnline Scheduling was built from the ground up with speed in mind, plus the latest technologies to harness powerful client-side operations and inline data entry to offer the world's fastest critical-path gantt scheduling tools. No more waiting or delays. Did we mention that it's fast?


Increase Your Productivity with Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts

The Gantt Chart style of ConstructionOnline Scheduling keeps your schedule organized and easy to read. Not only is it clearly understandable, but it is also extremely easy to use. Edit start and end dates with a single drag of the mouse.

Organize tasks into groups and unlimited levels of sub-groups to add further structure and definition. Highlight the critical path to identify the key tasks that need to be completed. For an additional level of organization, attach predecessors to assure that your assignments get completed in the most efficient order.


Ensure Accurate Information with Simple Navigation and Data Entry

With the convenient toolbar, you can insert tasks, groups, and milestones with just a click of the mouse. You also have the ability to convert tasks into groups as well as move them up and down in your schedule. Editing your tasks has never been easier!

You can easily use the dockable toolbar to edit and delete tasks or simply click on the task to change its information. To extend or reduce time frames, simply drag the left or right side of the task bar to the desired day and it instantly changes its start or end date.

With the option to set custom workdays and work weeks, add holidays, create copies and templates with the option to save or clear out durations, predecessors and percentage complete, and the ability to shift schedules forward or backward by a number of days, weeks, or to a specific start date, ConstructionOnline Scheduling is a veritable powerhouse of construction schedulers.


Instantly Add Resources and Reminders to Your Schedules 

Track and manage your project team with ease using Resource Assignments and Reminders. By creating a direct link between your sub-contractors, suppliers, projects, and schedules, Resources enable you to assign subs to scheduled tasks and automatically send email reminders.

Reminders provide extensive flexibility to schedule and send Planning, Start, and Custom Reminder emails to all of the resources assigned to a specific task in the schedule. And when schedules change, as they often do, those reminders will stay tied to the new revised start date and send accordingly, keeping your entire project team on plan and on task.

Full Width Schedule Picture

Create and assign events to your contacts to keep everyone on the same page.

Organize your events by project, assign resources to those tasks, and view detailed Day, Week, or Month breakdowns of all your information. Knowing what's ahead has never been easier!

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Easy-to-use construction calendars that give you a complete overview of your upcoming events.


Quickly View All of Your Upcoming Events, Tasks, Due Dates and More

The ConstructionOnline Calendar system gives you the power of managing and organizing all of your project activities in one central calendar. The ability to plan ahead and complete work as scheduled is vital to success in the construction industry - and doing that was easier said than done, until now.

With an online Calendar, organized by the projects you have already created, keeping key players up to date is easier than ever, and is accessible from anywhere your work may take you. Disjointed, out-of-date Outlook calendars are a thing of the past - it's time to make the move to ConstructionOnline.


Instantly Share Calendar Events with Contacts

As projects get larger, and tasks become more complex, determining what each project member needs to complete becomes a crucial function of the online Calendar.

Each event you generate can be assigned to multiple ConstructionOnline contacts, giving you the ability to administer each individual's calendar.

Even better, you have the power of designating tasks as Public or Private, meaning you have complete control over what each project member can see and edit.


Automate and Filter Your Project Calendars for Detailed Information

All of the projects you create in ConstructionOnline will automatically generate a dedicated calendar for you to begin using.

Whether you want to see a single project calendar or a complete account-wide record showing everything you have coming up, the Calendar's ability to display and filter information on the fly means you will have complete control and access to that information.

Even if events don't fall within the scope of a single project, Custom Calendars offer the ability to capture those outliers and display them alongside your other information.


Adaptive Day / Week / Month Views that Help You Focus on What's Important 

This simple calendar toggle quickly gives you perspective on how tasks have been scheduled, whether you want to see an entire month of activities or an hour-by-hour breakdown for a specific day. Since each view gives you the ability to create activities simply by clicking into the Day or Hour you want to create that task for, adding events to your calendar is a straightforward, intuitive process.

Because the system accounts for changes in time zones, keeping contacts updated on when tasks are happening is easy, even when users may be states or countries apart.

Make sure your team always knows what's ahead with GamePlan.

Designed to keep your project team on task and on target, ConstructionOnline GamePlan emails provide an automatic list of project activities to your team members.

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Ensure everyone knows what to do and when to do it.


Improve Your Communication with ConstructionOnline GamePlan

The spoils of success are surprising. Your hard work usually brings well, more hard work. That's what we like to call a first class problem, but a problem that ConstructionOnline can solve with powerful new GamePlans.

Designed to keep your project team on task and on target, ConstructionOnline GamePlan emails provide an automatic list of activities, meetings, scheduled project tasks, and todos delivered to your subs, suppliers, superintendents, and more.


Customize GamePlans to Fit Your Needs and Boost Productivity

GamePlans are fully customizable for each contact and can even be scheduled to be sent at a specific day or time.

Now your project manager can receive a weekly list of responsibilities on Sunday at 5:00 pm and your subs can receive a forward looking list of tasks for the next month. Technology is a beautiful thing with the power of ConstructionOnline and new GamePlans.


Send Automated GamePlans by Email and Keep Everyone Informed

GamePlan emails from ConstructionOnline give you the power to reach everyone on your team automatically without requiring them to log into ConstructionOnline or check for updates.

Now making sure that your subcontractors and suppliers are on time and on site is just a few clicks away. GamePlan emails can be custom configured for each of your contacts to include any combination of date range, frequency, time sent, activities, meetings, scheduled project tasks, todos, and much more.


Quickly Set Up Recurring Emails To Stay On Track

We've all been there - too many things to do, too many things to manage, and too many things that need to be right. GamePlans in ConstructionOnline can be configured to automatically send a custom list of activities, meetings, project tasks, and todos for selected subs, suppliers and other team members.

Since repetition is the key to success, GamePlans can be sent automatically daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly, on a specific day of the week at a specific time. You provide the planning and ConstructionOnline does the rest.

Get it in writing - with dozens of proposals, contracts & reports.

Turn your data into documentation with ConstructionOnline

Plan for success with intuitive project baselines in ConstructionOnline

Whether your project is still in planning or close to completion, ConstructionOnline has all the right tools to help you power through your projects and achieve your goals.

Free 10 Day Trial

Keep your projects on-track and customers happy with powerful planning tools.


Quickly Create, Plan and Track Your Project Baselines

ConstructionOnline Baselines act as a snapshot of a Schedule at a moment in time. When a Baseline is created, the schedule’s current start and end dates are recorded into that Baseline.

After being created, the Baseline will apply to your project schedule and keep track of any delays that cause slippage.

You can even keep a record of how many workdays behind the schedule has become since the creation of the Baseline - all within ConstructionOnline


Maintain Speed and Efficiency without Sacrificing Your Time

We all know that time is money, especially in the construction industry. With ConstructionOnline Baselines, you can make sure you manage your time wisely and keep on track with your project Schedules. 

Baselines are used as a point of reference for comparison as your project progresses, so you can have immense visibility regarding the accuracy of your schedule projections and where you are gaining/losing time.


Power Through Your Projects with the World's Fastest Online Scheduling

Baselines are part of ConstructionOnline Scheduling - the industry's leading scheduling software. Full-fledged Gantt Chart capabilities, Calendar integrations, resource assignments, and more allow you to plan for success from start to finish.

ConstructionOnline lets you house an unlimited number of Schedule Templates, giving you the flexibility to build templates for all your scheduling needs.

Our responsive and intelligent Scheduling receives five stars from construction pros who are now building better, smarter, and faster with ConstructionOnline.


Make Sure Your Clients and Team Members Are Always Informed

In addition to managing your project schedules, ConstructionOnline also helps improve your communication from the field to the office.

Send your team members and clients automated email notifications for schedule changes, print your schedules, send Messages and more. You can even set up customized  GamePlans to notify users when important events or tasks are coming up.

Track weather changes, workers, deliveries and more with the click of a button.

With new ConstructionOnline Project Logging working for you, you'll never have to scramble to find that missing paperwork documenting a vital delivery or work delay.

Free 10 Day Trial

ConstructionOnline makes tracking project activity better, faster and easier.


Location-based Weather Tracking for Accurate Logs

You can completely reinvent the way your business does Project Logging with ConstructionOnline

After selecting the project for which you want to enable project logging, you are prompted to enter the project zip code. This enables Weather Tracking, a fantastic feature that shows you the recorded weather at your jobsite at 5 different work times throughout the day.

That makes it much easier to account for weather delays, which you can log further by specifying the severity and duration of the delay.


Work Logs that Do All the Work for You

Instead of hassling with pages of lengthy paperwork describing field work, quickly and easily enter essential information about what happened at the jobsite using the Work Log without ever picking up a pen.

You can record exactly who showed up to the site, how long they stayed, and what was accomplished.

It's a highly organized and efficient way to keep your daily project information on record.


Keep Track of Who Did What with Visitor/Delivery Logs 

This simple and convenient tool lets you make note of any deliveries or visitors that arrive during the workday.

With fields for inputting the reason for the visit and the duration, project managers and team members can get a good idea of what happened that day even if they were not present.

An added benefit is that if the visitor is a ConstructionOnline user, you can select them as a contact, so both parties have record of the visit.


Take Your Project Notes and Make Instant Reports

In an industry where deadlines, timeframes, and budgets are of the utmost priority, it's crucial to keep track of every detail that can affect those numbers. With plenty of space to enter project notes for each day and the easy Attachment Tool to supplement your notes with pictures, video, and other files, you can keep all of your daily records together for a complete Project Log.

Once you've updated your project log, you can create an automated and professional report that summarizes all activity for any defined period. Just enter the start and end dates to create a comprehensive, printable report documenting everything you've logged within that specific time frame.

Ensure your projects are completed within spec and on-time with Punch Lists.

ConstructionOnline Punch List Management includes a powerful combination of cloud-based desktop construction software and mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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Easy to use Punch Lists that help you close out your jobs faster.


Cloud-Based Punch Lists that are Accessible from Anywhere

Without the right tools, Punch List Management can be a painful process, especially when it comes down to the end of a project.

In many cases, you are dealing with dozens of subcontractors and suppliers needing to work seamlessly together to complete the project, relying on you for specific details and information about their responsibilities. New ConstructionOnline Punch List Management has been designed to empower you and your entire team to quickly create, document, photograph, and assign punchlist items from the office or jobsite.

Harnessing the latest technologies in cloud- and mobile-based systems, ConstructionOnline Punch List Management is the new industry standard in quality control construction software designed to build your business.


Easy to Use, Easy to Understand Features Made for Pros Like You

As the world's fastest growing online construction software, ConstructionOnline is a product of it's own success. A big part of the momentum is a result of focusing on the importance of designing products that are easy to use and easy to understand. Not just for you, but for everyone on your extended project teams needing to access ConstructionOnline via the web or through an iPhone, iPad, or Android device directly from the jobsite.

ConstructionOnline Punch List Management makes it easy to quickly enter items and issues, add optional details, photos, videos, and more. On top of that, you can track your progress with the click of a button - easy to use, easy to understand.


Power Through Your Projects with the World's Fastest Online Scheduling

Baselines are part of ConstructionOnline Scheduling - the industry's leading scheduling software. Full-fledged Gantt Chart capabilities, Calendar integrations, resource assignments, and more allow you to plan for success from start to finish.

ConstructionOnline lets you house an unlimited number of Schedule Templates, giving you the flexibility to build templates for all your scheduling needs.

Our responsive and intelligent Scheduling receives five stars from construction pros who are now building better, smarter, and faster with ConstructionOnline.


The Perfect Combination of Power and Simplicity for All Team Members

For those projects requiring extra attention, ConstructionOnline Punch List Management offers powerful tools to add structure and detail to your quality control needs.

Under each project, optional folders and subfolders of items can be structured to best address the requirements and scale of your project. These lists can be defined and organized by phase, classification, date, draw, or any other grouping that mirrors the structure of your project. In addition, items can have optional sub-issues assigned in cases where an individual punch list item requires multiple improvments or resources.

Keep track of upcoming and completed tasks with simple yet powerful To Dos.

Designate projects, due dates, assign primary and related resources, and keep track of what needs to be done on a daily project basis.

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A straightforward project To Do list that ensures you get the job done on time.


Stop Juggling Your Tasks and Implement ConstructionOnline To-Dos  

ConstructionOnline To Dos allow straightforward management of all your important tasks. Forgetting to get something done could mean you have to wake up early tomorrow morning... or losing the project you've been working to get all week.

Either way, better administration of your team's time and resources will save you from the ache that accompanies letting something important fall through the cracks. ConstructionOnline To-Dos give you the tools to easily handle multiple projects and your entire staff's upcoming assignments, wherever you go.


Divide and Conquer by Assigning Contacts to Project To Dos

Every To Do in the system can be assigned to multiple contacts, enabling you to oversee every individual on your team, and track their progress as they complete tasks.

With one centralized To-Do list, as well as the ability to filter or sort by project, you have the means to make sure everything that is due gets completed.

More projects means more tasks that need to be supervised - With ConstructionOnline To Dos, that's never a problem.


Automated Lists for Pending and Completed Items

ConstructionOnline will automatically move Completed activities into a separate list, to help you see what is left to do. Easily check items off as they are completed - The To-Do List will show who completed the task and move it to the appropriate location.

If you're working on a larger task, tracking progress on a percentage basis can give you a clear view of where that specific set of work is, and what might need to be done to complete it. Task notes allow users to log any important details that pertain to the task, and can be easily viewed in the To-Do Information window.


Set Reminders, Attach Documents and Photos to Ensure Clarity

Forgetting to get something done could mean you have to wake up early tomorrow morning... or losing the project you've been working to get all week.

To Do Reminders will ensure you and your team are where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Give total clarity to your project tasks by attaching documents and photos to your To Dos. Your team members can view or download attachments directly from a To Do, so confusion is a thing of the past.

Project reports you can instantly edit, print and share with your team members.

Whether you want to create log reports, print to dos or work orders, ConstructionOnline Project Reporting provides all the tools you and your team need to succeed.

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ConstructionOnline lets you generate powerful project reports in record-breaking time.


Create, Customize and Edit Powerful Reports All in One Place 

ConstructionOnline has everything you need to generate reports for Schedules, RFIs, Transmittals and more.

Our industry leading technology gives you the ability to point, click and generate project reports that automatically gather your project data.

Filter, select date ranges and choose what you want to include before generating your reports, so you get all the information you need.


Financial Reporting Tools that Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Quickly track project profitability with detailed estimating reports. Show variance between total estimated costs and actuals, create summaries, proposals, materials lists and purchase orders. 

Print a summary of all allowances and available selections for a project, or create a report that includes all approved Selections chosen for a project.

You can even create a summary of a project's Variations, filtered by status and showing added time.


Gather All the Information You Need As Soon As You Need It

Let's face it, sometimes wires get crossed and things happen that require more information for them to be resolved. When the need arises, you need to be able to come up with powerful schedule and communication reports that explain exactly what you need them to.

With ConstructionOnline, you can create reports for scheduling conflicts, compare current schedules to baselines to see how your timeline has changed, print your scheduling notes and more.


Quickly Share Project Reports with Clients and Subs

The ConstructionOnline reports feature allows you to print and share your reports via email or through your integrated cloud storage.

ConstructionOnline has multiple cloud integration options available, so you can access your cloud-based file and storage calendars. Integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more.

Intuitive project Dashboards that allow you to view important info at-a-glance. 

Quickly view your important Estimates, Schedules, Calendars, Messages and more with comprehensive project Dashboards in ConstructionOnline

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Know exactly where you stand with comprehensive project Dashboards.


View on a Companywide or Project Level to Filter Information

Intuitive project dashboards in ConstructionOnline allow you to view pertinent project information at a glance. View your information on a companywide or project level to drill down and see exactly what you need to.

Whether you’re trying to view the status of your Punch List items or want to know which Client Selections have been approved or rejected, you can see all of this and more with ConstructionOnline Dashboards.


Quickly Assess Which Tasks Need to Be Taken Care of

ConstructionOnline Dashboards arrange your project information in a logical order by displaying which components of your projects need to be attended to first.  

You can also filter your Dashboards by Contact, project, date and more.


Toggle Between Features with Industry-Leading Speed and Performance 

Our powerful Dashboards provide intuitive project views at lightening fast speeds. As the industry leader for construction management software, we provide the fastest solution for your construction project needs.

ConstructionOnline is partnered with Amazon Web Services to bring you the fastest, most reliable construction management software on a secure cloud server. AWS supports virtually any workload for over a million active customers in 190 Countries.


Dashboards Designed to Scale with Your Business

The Dashboards in ConstructionOnline were designed for both scalability and performance.

Over 500,000 commercial and residential builders worldwide use UDA Dashboards to take control of their projects and improve their productivity. 

No matter the size or scope of your projects, ConstructionOnline has everything you need to manage your projects and streamline your project management process.

Upload Project Docs and Share with Anyone with an Email Address.

With easy-to-use folder and file organization, you can choose exactly which files are visible to owners, subcontractors, and employees to keep information in the right hands.

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Access, edit and share your project files from a secure cloud server.


Instantly Share Project Files with Anyone

ConstructionOnline makes it simple to upload and share plans, photos, PDFs and other documents for all of your projects online.

You and your team can look through your files anywhere, anytime, from any connected device.

And now accessing your project files has never been easier with the revolutionary new ConstructionOnline mobile app. Within the ConstructionOnline mobile app, you can access all of your project content and filter your files based on their corresponding projects. 


Use Secure Cloud Storage from an Official Amazon Web Services Partner

UDA ConstructionOnline is partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide you with the most secure and reliable cloud server in the construction industry.

The AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers.

AWS supports virtually any workload for over a million active customers in 190 Countries. Whether your business is an enterprise, start-up or public sector, AWS is the preferred platform for cloud hosting. By partnering with AWS, we're revolutionizing the construction industry.


The Cloud You Can Trust with the Numbers to Prove it

The AWS Cloud spans 54 Availability Zones within 18 geographic Regions and 1 Local Region around the world, with announced plans for 12 more Availability Zones and four more Regions in Bahrain, Hong Kong SAR, Sweden, and a second AWS GovCloud Region in the US.

ConstructionOnline™ and Amazon Web Services have joined forces to give you the most powerful, flexible and reliable construction project management software available worldwide.


Preview, Edit and Control File Access all Within ConstructionOnline

Need to review a file's contents but don't want to download? No problem, you can preview files with a mouseclick, right in your browser.

Have project documents you need to share with certain clients and subs? Easily duplicate your files and photos directly into your ClientLink and TeamLink folders to give them access. By uploading files to these folders, you get to choose exactly what you want your clients and subs see.

Stop worrying about who is doing what by maintaining complete control over who has access to your project files. ConstructionOnline lets you put powerful user permissions in place for all of your project contacts. You can even set permissions at the folder level for more focused oversight.

When you need to relay jobsite photos, simply point-and-click from any device.

Add project photos to albums and edit them directly within ConstructionOnline. Add images from your albums to your public profile so you can show off your latest projects.

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Create beautiful, responsive image galleries that showcase your success.


Upload, Add Text, Markup and More

Easily search your photos instead of frantically looking through your computer files. Organize photos by adding individual albums and add photos from your Dropbox, Google Drive or Cloud by syncing with your ConstructionOnline account. 

Quickly edit your photos, right inside your image galleries. Rotate, resize, and crop your photos, or add markup and text to make sure your team sees what you want them to at all times. 


Print, Email and Share Your Images

Show your team exactly what you mean with elegant yet powerful project image galleries. Quickly add, edit, share, and comment on your project photos to get your point across in pictures.

Ready to show off your stuff? Share your project photos in ConstructionOnline to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts. 

ConstructionOnline is also partnered with Houzz, the online construction community, so you can share your project success for better online visibility of your projects. 


Add Comments to Your Images and Ensure Absolute Clarity

It's said a picture is worth a thousand words. If you need more, we've got you covered with easy commenting for your all of your jobsite photos.

Comments added to images in ConstructionOnline display the contact and date of when the comment was posted, so you can keep track of who said what.

You can also select images from your albums and add them to designated project messages, ensuring crystal clear communication for everyone on your team.


See All of Your Latest Activity in the Photo Stream

The ConstructionOnline photo stream displays a dynamic list of the most recent images uploaded to your ConstructionOnline projects.

The photo stream is organized by the date the photo was added, shows which user added the image and the project associated with the image. Now you can always stay up-to-date on your project progress with the latest photos. This is just one of the many reasons why ConstructionOnline is the preferred project management platform for more than 750,000 users worldwide.

Keep track of your project progress with photos in ConstructionOnline.

View, preview, edit and share your latest project photos in the brand new ConstructionOnline photo stream tool. Filter the stream by contacts, the date added, and view the photo location.

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Access, edit and share your project files from a secure cloud server.


Upload and Store Your Project Photos All In One Safe Place

In addition to organizing project photos in our responsive image galleries, you can view recently uploaded photos in the new ConstructionOnline photo stream.

The photo stream is dynamically organized in a vertical format, separated by the date the photos were uploaded to your ConstructionOnline account.

The stream also shows which user added the photo and the photo's exact location, so you can keep track of where your photos are located on a project-specific or company-wide level. 


Preview, Download, Edit and Share

Project Photos are listed in convenient thumbnail previews, so you can see all of your recent photos at a glance.

By clicking on the thumbnail in the photo stream, you are given a larger preview of the photo and various tools to download, edit and share.

Our intuitive photo streams are just one of the many features that help make ConstructionOnline the preferred construction project management platform for more than 500,000 users worldwide.


Filter Photos by Contacts

Sometimes it's hard to keep track of your project photos, especially when you have several team members taking photos on the jobsite.

With ConstructionOnline, you have direct access to these photos and their corresponding project information as soon as they are uploaded. 

ConstructionOnline is partnered with Amazon Web Services for lightening fast speeds and a better user experience overall. By partnering with AWS, we've made sure that all of your project files and photos are managed on a secure, reliable cloud server.



Upload Photos to ConstructionOnline Mobile

Your team can capture and upload images directly from their phones and tablets by using the ConstructionOnline mobile app

The mobile app has all the features of ConstructionOnline, so you can access your projects from anywhere: on the jobsite, in the office or even at home.

Meanwhile, the photos uploaded to the mobile app will show up in your project photo stream, so you can have immediate access to all of these project images.

Upload and edit your documents, schedules, emails and more.

ConstructionOnline Drive is a Windows desktop app designed for batch uploading, document editing, and schedule and email importing to ConstructionOnline.

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Harness the power of your desktop to save time and effort.


Easily upload large batches of files, directly from your desktop 

Large batches of files that would be sluggish or unworkable through your web browser alone are a breeze with ConstructionOnline Drive. Upload up to 500 files at a time from your local file browser to ConstructionOnline.


Edit online documents in your desktop apps will full version control

Get full editing power over your ConstructionOnline documents. Edit Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, photos and more in their native desktop apps. Once you’re done you can choose to replace the original file or upload a copy.


Import Project, Primavera, and SureTrack schedule files

Save hours of work and avoid errors due to double entry by importing your Microsoft Project Primavera and Suretrak schedule files. Once your file is imported, ConstructionOnline will automatically create an identical schedule in the cloud.


Import Outlook and Thunderbird emails and attachments

Store project emails and any attachments securely in ConstructionOnline for easy reference. Simply drag and drop emails directly from your Outlook and Thunderbird email clients into the Emails tab.

Communicating with your team is easier than ever with Envoy.

Collaboration can only happen with clear communication. New Envoy Chat gives your team the centralized tool it needs to ensure everyone is connected and working together to achieve success.

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 Keep field and office teams connected with new Envoy™ chat!


Company-wide Chat

See who's online and start chatting instantly. Easily send messages to your team members individually or as a group, and keep your communication clear.

Chats that are no longer active can be archived and accessed later for reference.  


Attach Files and Photos

Easily post files and photos into chats from your computer, phone, or cloud storage.

These attachments can be accessed from all of your devices, and provide more detailed communication for you and your team.  


Mobile App Integration

Get seamless communication with your team by utilizing Envoy in ConstructionOnline Mobile. 

Field team users can send and receive messages on the jobsite, while those in the office can relay any important information. With Envoy, you can avoid any potentials delays and miscommunication. 



Link to ConstructionOnline Features

Post direct links to your ConstructionOnline calendars, schedules, estimates and more, all within Envoy in ConstructionOnline.

Discuss specific project logs, variations, client selections and more. Simply link these features in your message so you and your team can stay in the know. 

Receive external emails
into your projects

Manage and store your project correspondence with ease. Designate approved senders who can send emails to dedicated ConstructionOnline project email addresses.

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Get ready for centralized communication.


Receive emails to dedicated project email addresses

Each of your jobs in ConstructionOnline will have its own dedicated email address, so you’ll be able to have organized, searchable, and filterable records of your project correspondence. Any email attachments will also be included, so frustrating searches for documentation are a thing of the past.


Control access by approving inbound senders and setting permissions for your employees

You can choose who on your team has inbound access by adjusting permissions and adding approved senders to your jobs. Each approved sender can have multiple associated emails, so nothing falls through the cracks.


Find the email you're looking for in a flash with easy Search and Filter options

Need to find a specific email or attachment, but you can’t quite remember when it came in? No problem, you can search your emails for keywords, or filter the list by sender, related contact or date received.

All of your project communication in one place for easy reference.

Take back your inbox with ConstructionOnline Messages. By limiting access to only your ConstructionOnline contacts, you spare yourself the grunt work of filtering through emails.

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A better way to communicate overall. 


Organize Conversations by Project 

Keeping all project discussions neat and organized will make your job easier. Good thing ConstructionOnline allows you to organize messages based on the project they are relevant to.

No more worries about keeping files in a drawer to sort through or reading page after page of emails to find one thread. ConstructionOnline will keep all discussions related to your individual projects in one convenient place. And because it is ConstructionOnline you can reference those messages from anywhere you need to. Messaging makes keeping track of conversations and project progress that much easier.


Quickly Search Your Messages to Find What You're Looking For

There is no doubt that you will need to find an old message or discussion at some point. ConstructionOnline makes searching for any conversation a breeze.

Maybe a question has come up and you need to track down a single message to find the answer. Maybe you need to reference the whole conversation. Whatever you need, the search bar makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Use your own keywords to search for a specific message or conversation, then choose from the list that is displayed. Messaging makes it easier than ever to track down a past conversation.


Attach Files and Photos to Messages for Added Detail

Sometimes questions arise that require extra attention to detail. Eliminate misunderstandings and miscommunications by attaching files and photos to your messages.

You and your team can preview, save and edit attachments with a click of the mouse. Files and Photos saved in ConstructionOnline can be organized and attached to your corresponding projects



Archive Messages for Easy Reference

Keep yourself covered by archiving conversations that are no longer active. 

Archived conversations are easily searchable and can be reactivated if the need arises. 

All of your project messages can be accessed from your mobile device using the ConstructionOnline Mobile app - the industry's leading project management app. 

An easier way for you to share important project info with your entire team.

Introducing the new project announcement feature in UDA ConstructionOnline. Send your team members critical announcements to keep them up to speed at all times.

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Fast, Intuitive and Easy-to-use Project Announcements


Quickly Communicate with Your Entire Team Using Project Announcements

Communication is a key part of project success. When your communication is lacking, oversights happen that can impact project performance and client satisfaction. 

Make sure your team is always up to speed with the brand new project announcement feature in ConstructionOnline. By adding announcements, your critical information can be shared on a company wide or project specific level.

The ConstructionOnline project communication features are just one of the many reasons why so many construction pros prefer ConstructionOnline for their construction project management needs.


Add links, Format Your Text and More

Customize your announcements by adding links or formatting them with custom lists, font sizes and other text styles, just like you would in an email.

ConstructionOnline project announcements give you the option to assign priority levels to your announcements. Communicate the priority by assigning the announcement a high, medium or low priority level.

Pin your announcements to the top of the announcement list for quick, easy viewing, so you can make sure your team is always aware of important project information.


Choose Announcement Recipients from Your Contact List

Send announcements to all of your contacts or select specific recipients to receive them.

Send out automated emails to your contacts regarding the announcement or simply post it to ConstructionOnline for all of your project and/or company contacts to see.

When you pair the new project announcement feature with ConstructionOnline messaging, you have unrivaled project communication tools that will take your team communication to an entirely new level.


See Announcements in the Latest Activity Feed

All recent announcements show up in the latest project activity feed. This way your team members can view the announcement directly in the project overview, which relays all of the latest happenings to your team.

Simply click the announcement in the feed and it will take you directly to the announcement tab in your ConstructionOnline account.

Get accurate time data for your entire team, including notes and photos.

Give your team the tools they need to track time, add shift notes, and upload photos from the field. Everyone's time sheet data is stored securely for easy reference and reporting.

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See who's on the clock at-a-glance with easy time tracking software.

COL Time Tracking Location

Track your employees on the map, edit timesheets and more with the admin view.

One of the biggest hassles faced by construction firms is knowing who’s actually on the clock - and where they clocked in. ConstructionOnline Time Tracking makes it easy to get a bird’s-eye-view of your team in the field.

Once you’ve got timesheet data in the system, you can easily create reports, filtered by job or employee. You can also export your team’s hours to Excel for easy billing and payroll calculation.

COL Time Tracking Mobile

Easy mobile access makes tracking time a snap for your team.

Getting your guys in the field on board with technology can sometimes be a challenge. With our simple, intuitive mobile interface, your team will be tracking their hours, taking photos, and entering shift notes in no time.

If you want an extra level of timesheet detail, you can choose to require your employees to enter shift notes or choose a cost code to charge time to.

COL Time Tracking Export

Quickly create project and employee reports, and export time data to Excel. 

We’ve made it easy to get your team’s time data out of the system and into straightforward reports. Our reports give your the options to show the time charged to a specific job or employee. For more comprehensive reporting, you can export all of your jobs’ timesheets to Excel, filtered by the date range of your choosing.


Control access, log calls, send messages, filter contacts and more.

ConstructionOnline’s contact management system organizes your employees, clients, and team members to quickly open up channels of communication.

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Manage your project contacts with ease.


Set Permissions to Control What Your Contacts Can Access

Take complete control of your projects by setting Permissions for your users.

You can control what your team can see and do in your projects, including file access, punch lists, items, budgets, schedules, and more.

Sort through contacts at a glance by viewing them in an alphabetical list. The filter gives you multiple options, including: display name, first name, last name and company name. 


Quickly Filter Contacts by Role

Choose to view your full list of ConstructionOnline contacts, or quickly filter by role, including employees, clients, subs, suppliers, and more.

You can even keep track of which contacts are active project users by filtering for inactive contacts.

Contacts added as ClientLink and TeamLink users are given a unique portal to log into, so they can see the information that is relevant to them as soon as they login to ConstructionOnline



Send Custom GamePlan Task Lists to Your Contacts

Control the chaos of construction by sending your team custom GamePlans.

Include critical project tasks, including To Dos, Punch Lists, Schedules, Calendar Events, and RFIs to ensure your projects proceed as smoothly as possible.

ConstructionOnline GamePlan sends out automated email reminders to your selected contacts based on your chosen settings.


Track Project Communication with Call Logs

Keep a running log of your calls with the Call Logging feature. Calls can also be logged using the ConstructionOnline Mobile App.

Filter your project logs by contact so you can easily sort through your latest log history.

Record duration, notes, attached files and more to give yourself a comprehensive history of your project communication.

Track Project Progress and Communicate More Effectively

Teamwork can have the potential to make or break you in this business. With TeamLink from ConstructionOnline, you can form a more effective, efficient team.

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Keep your team up-to-date at all times.


Manage Your Time and Your Team with ConstructionOnline TeamLink

Keeping your team on task and organized are essential to having a successful business. ConstructionOnline makes this process easy with the use of TeamLink.

Your subs and suppliers are part of your extended team. Just like the rest of your team, they need to be in the loop and know that your project is going to be able to their job is a timely and efficient manner.

TeamLink will keep your whole team informed and working together to achieve a shared success.


Flexible Construction Management Features to Fit Your Needs

TeamLink is about personalization. ConstructionOnline provides you with the easiest way to make sure each team member only sees project information that is relevant to them. You get to choose exactly what your team members can and cannot see.

You can use a variety of features to create a customized TeamLink page to make sure your team sees what you want them to, including variations, RFIs, punch lists, selections and more.

ConstructionOnline gives you the ability to create a page for your team that works the best for you - and them.


Lead Your Team to Victory with GamePlans

Your team is going to need guidance. Providing your team with a clear focus is even easier now with ConstructionOnline GamePlans.

GamePlans help to keep them on track and with the personalization features from TeamLink you can easily make sure that each sub that is part of your team will only see the GamePlans that you create and assign to them.

Make sure your subs stay on task by removing excessive information that they don't need and giving them all the pertinent information they do.


Better Communication, Fewer Misunderstandings

Clear directions help a project keep moving forward. Keeping everyone on task and in the loop is a huge part of project success - and that turns into business success.

TeamLink keeps your team informed by allowing you to make sure your team sees everything they need to stay on top of their part in the project.

The personalization options of TeamLink will help to give your team more focus and this will ensure your team will be able to truly work together towards success.

Easily manage your contacts, clients and team members.

Restrict access to certain features or grant full editing capabilities with the ConstructionOnline User Permission feature. Help your contacts focus on the tasks that are relevant to them.

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Manage user access so your construction projects remain clear and concise. 


Easily Access Contacts to Control User Permission Settings

Make sure your clients and subs know what to focus on by setting User Permissions. Permissions are customizable for each contact, so you can control the amount of access each user has.

As an admin, you have the ability to control User Permissions from your Contacts list, Company Overview and more. This enables your contacts to truly focus on what is important for them to get their job done right.


Quickly Assign Contacts to Selected Projects

Send invites to contacts to add them to specific projects within your ConstructionOnline account and easily dictate which files they are allowed to access 

Now you don't have to worry about who is doing what, and you can ensure your team is focused on exactly what they need to be working on. 


Customize Notifications for Users to Send Automated Emails 

In addition to setting customized User Permissions, you can also select the frequency in which the Contact receives notification emails. 

Track Project Progress and Communicate More Effectively

Communication is key to making your business a success, and ConstructionOnline RFIs make communicating with your team a streamlined process.

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Instantly create and track RFIs for your projects.


Easily Track the Status of Your RFIs

ConstructionOnline allows you to track the status of your requests at a glance. Unresolved RFIs are easy to follow. You are notified whenever a request is resolved or when one is overdue, meaning you stay on top of everything.

RFI Breakdown notes the total number of requests on a project, as well as those waiting, overdue, and resolved. Summaries are available with a few clicks, allowing you to sort project RFIs by their number, status, date, and more. Additionally, finding a specific request is simplified with the use of the search box. Search using your own key words to easily find a certain RFI.


Attach Files & Photos Directly to Your Requests

Project tasks will be completed correctly the first time around. ConstructionOnline gives you the ability to attach files and photos directly to your requests. Now your whole team will be able to clearly see what the questions are in reference to.

Simple inquiries will no longer be a source of confusion for your team. Files and photos attached to RFIs will eliminate uncertainties and lead to faster responses and solutions that are exactly what you need.

Faster responses will lead to fewer setbacks and help your projects continue moving in the right direction.


Send a Reply to RFIs by Email In an Instant

Projects can be overwhelming, but keeping track of project information has never been easier. With ConstructionOnline, you can use email with your RFIs to make sure everyone on the team stays in the loop.

Team members will be able to see the request and even send an answer directly from their own email. This will give them an easy and convenient way to provide you with an answer that is both quick and reliable. There are no worries about having to log their replies into your project page - ConstructionOnline will do all the work for you.


View Detailed RFI Summaries 

Construction projects will always yield questions. A quick and valid solution can be the difference in a project being completed on time or falling behind schedule.

ConstructionOnline RFIs are easy and convenient for your whole team to use. Tracking status and utilizing direct attachments means confusion and miscommunication are a thing of the past.

ConstructionOnline logs your RFIs from start to finish, giving you a clear trail to follow in the event of a discrepancy. And accessing that information at any point in the future is just a few clicks away.

Say goodbye to gray areas by creating Submittals in ConstructionOnline

Organize, view revisions, choose approvers and more with ConstructionOnline Submittals. Improve your communication with industry leading communication tools.

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Keep Everyone in the Loop and Improve Project Accuracy with ConstructionOnline Submittals


Easily Organize Submittals by Status to Find What You’re Looking For

Ensure Submittals don't fall through the cracks with the Response Status dashboard. By selecting one of the Response Status filters, you can easily navigate and view exactly which Submittals are pending, approved, rejected, in need of revision and more.

Quickly reference which Submittals have been responded to and what statuses have been assigned so you can keep the flow of information going.


Take Control by Selecting Sequential or Parallel Approvals 

When creating a submittal, you're given the option to choose your preferred Submittal workflow by choosing Sequential or Parallel Approvers.

Sequential approval requires each approver to respond in order for completion, while Parallel approval allows multiple responses simultaneously.



Never Miss Another Deadline with Automated Email Reminders

You'll get the information you need, when you need it with automated reminder emails for Submittal approvers. When a Submittal is approved, ConstructionOnline will send out an email based on your settings.

The Submittal Dashboard lists the date on which the Submittal notification was sent. Missed deadlines and project delays are now a thing of the past. 


View Submittal Revisions At a Glance

See a detailed history of project changes with intuitive Submittal Revisions.

ConstructionOnline Submittals give you a clear view of what needs to be done and what has already been accomplished by you and your team.

Easily create revisions from existing Submittals without the hassle of retyping information. You also have the option to right click and duplicate a Submittal. 

See exactly what was sent and when with ConstructionOnline Transmittals.

Keep your project documentation clear and concise so your projects stay on track. Quickly edit and send Transmittals from your desktop or mobile device.

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Click send and consider yourself covered with automated Transmittals


Transmit Project-Critical Docs in an Instant

Send critical documents to your project managers, owners, architects, and more. 

Always know what was sent and when, so you'll be covered in the future in case of legal disputes or questions of liability.

With ConstructionOnline, you have the ability to send Transmittals from the field or the office by using our powerful Mobile App. 


Send Automated Transmittal Emails to Your Contacts

Automatically send emails to your selected Transmittal recipients, including any attachments. ConstructionOnline Transmittals allow you to attach related project documents of any file type.

Any actions requested can be quickly referenced, right in the body in the email.

Transmittals emails are time stamped within ConstructionOnline so you can keep accurate records of what was sent.


Assign Due Dates and Receive Notifications for Absolute Accuracy

Stay ahead of the game and make sure any actions you've requested with your Transmittals occur in a timely manner when you set due dates.

Transmittals work seamlessly with the Contact Management feature in ConstructionOnline, so you can rest easy knowing that all your important documents are taken care of and everyone knows exactly what needs to be done. 

Transform the Way You Markup Plans and Manage Your Team.

Discover plan-centric project management with the revolutionary Redline Planroom. Upload plans, make notations and markup, and pin tasks directly to your sheets.

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Give your team access to the latest project plans and revisions with Redline™ Planroom.


Clear up confusion with markups, notes, photos and more.

Redline Planroom makes it easy to add markup, progress photos, notes and more, so everyone on the job knows what's changed and where work needs to happen. Cut down on confusion and increase productivity on the job site with intuitive drawing, text, and shape tools. Your team will automatically see the latest updates to the plan set, so nothing falls through the cracks.


Pin project tasks, variations, RFIs and much more directly to your sheets.

Manage your jobs with maximum efficiency and clarity by pinning tasks, variations, RFIs, punch lists and more to your sheets. You can assign items to your team so they'll know exactly where on site they need to be and what needs to be completed. You can also review observations made in the field, so you'll stay up-to-date and in the loop.


Control who sees what, and easily share your markups by email.

You can choose to make markup private or public, so you can make your own personal notes or share broader details of your plans with all your team members.

Need to share your sheets with someone outside the project team? No problem, it's as easy as sending an email attachment.


Access your plans, markup, tasks and more from your mobile device.

No more lugging around stacks of drawings back and forth from the office - now all of your plans are accessible from your mobile device. You and your team can also see any tasks that have been pinned for easy reference, and capture progress photos or record onsite conditions right in the mobile app.



Save hours of data entry with automated sheet scanning and hyperlinking.

When you upload your plans, our proprietary UDAi™ machine learning technology scans your plan set and automatically detects sheet numbers and names, so what used to take hours is done in minutes. Our system will also find any callouts and automatically link them to the correct detail or index sheets, so finding what you're looking for is a cinch.


The current set ensures your team is working from the latest revisions.

Working from outdated plans can turn into an expensive, time-consuming headache. When you upload revised plan sets to your jobs, Redline's automatic sheet versioning creates new revisions, labels them, and places them in the proper order in the the current set view.

Discover the Revolutionary New Way to Create Takeoffs in the Cloud.

Say goodbye to the hassle and inconvenience of paper plans and clunky desktop software - Redline Takeoff gives you the power to get accurate measurements and the most up-to-date cost data.

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Reduce time and increase accuracy with intuitive online takeoff tools.


Get accurate cloud-based takeoffs from your project plan sets.

Cut hours from your outdated takeoff process with easy-to-use tools in Redline Takeoff software. Quickly and accurately determine square footage, volumes, counts and more, so you can bid your jobs with confidence. Redline Takeoff is cloud-based, so you can access your plans anywhere, anytime.



Versatile measuring tools designed to handle takeoffs for any trade.

Redline Takeoff is designed to handle any kind of measurements you need to calculate in your takeoffs. Quickly determine floor and wall areas for finishes, count fixtures, measure roof valleys and hips, get concrete volumes for foundations, and much more.


Assign material & labor costs directly to your takeoffs with dynamic cost books.

Getting accurate measurements is only one part of the takeoff process - you also need up-to-date cost data to ensure your estimates are truly on target. Redline Takeoff features powerful, customizable costbooks that automatically give you material and labor items that are compatible with the takeoff in progress.


Create estimates in minutes, not hours with seamless 1-click integration.

Only Redline Takeoff features full integration with the industry leader in construction job costing, OnCost™ Estimating. You'll save hours in double-entry by sending your takeoff cost data directly to the estimate. Need to make a change on the takeoff side? No problem, OnCost is smartly designed to overwrite any existing costs so your estimates are always on the money.


Easily create professional reports and export your takeoffs to Excel.

Once you've created your takeoffs, you can create shareable PDF reports showing quantities, descriptions, units, related sheets and more. Redline Takeoff software also gives you the power to export your takeoffs to Microsoft Excel for easy job costing calculations.